of the Plenary Meeting of Delegates

XXXII Ex-Libris Congress

Museum of Modern Art, Beijing, China

15 October 2008



            On behalf of the President of FISAE, Professor Liang Dong, the meeting was called to order at 16:05 hours in the Seminar Room, Museum of Modern Art, Beijing, China. At his request, Professor Butler presided. There were no apologies for absence.


            Delegations in attendance. Austria (H. Scheffer); New Australian Bookplate Society (A. Peake); Belgium (M. Baeyens); Belgrade (A. Djukic), Bulgaria (J. Jordanov); China (Zhang Jia-ru); Czech Republic (J. Hruska); Finland Aboensis (T. Piiroinen); Finland Suomen (O. Ylonen); Germany DEG (E. Dunster); Germany Pirckheimer (M. Neureiter); Hong Kong (David Hui, Malou Hung); Hungary (L. Palasthy); Italy (N. Cernetsova); Japan (G. Sekine, I. Uchida); Latvia (A. Rakitansky); Mexico (E. Carrasco); Netherlands (P. A. Burggraaf, J. van Waterschoot); Russia (V. Pokatov, L. Shustrova); Slovakia (I. Piacka); Spain Catalan (M. Casas); Switzerland (S. Hausherr); Taiwan (Pan); Turkey (H. Pektas); United Kingdom (Peter Ford); United States (M. E. Gashi-Butler).

            Also in attendance: W. E. Butler (Executive Secretary of FISAE); Benoit Junod (First Vice-President of FISAE) and Heinrich Scheffer (Second Vice-President of FISAE).


1. Report on XXXII (2008) Congress. Mr Zhang Jia-ru reported briefly that 260 Chinese and 120 foreign persons had registered from more than twenty-four countries and that the Congress had proceeded very satisfactorily. The Congress had enjoyed welcome support from various organizations and sponsors.


            2. Report on Congress Bookplate Exhibitions. The major bookplate exhibition shown as part of the Congress was the traditional exhibition of bookplates designed since the preceding Congress in 2006. These had been juried for quality and mounted at the Museum of Modern Art in Beijing, taking over the entire basement exhibition area. This was by common consent the finest ever of this kind. 4,375 bookplates were submitted by 1,050 artists from 42 countries, of which the jury chose 831 bookplates for the exhibition. One gold prize, two silver prizes, and three bronze prizes were awarded, and 49 artists were awarded an Honorable Mention. In addition a fine exhibition was mounted of ten European artists chosen at the invitation of the Chinese hosts.


            3. XXXIII Congress (2010). The representative of Turkey confirmed the invitation to hold the next Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, from 25-29 August 2010.

            The President of FISAE for the period 2008-2010 is Professor Hasip Pektas. Liang Dong was elected the First Vice President of FISAE and Benoit Junod was elected the Second Vice President.


            4. XXXIV Congress of FISAE (2012). Finland Aboensis confirmed its wish to hold the Congress in 2012 at dates to be determined, but during August, at Naantali Finland. The invitation of Finland was accepted by acclamation.


            5. Membership Application for FISAE. The New Australian Bookplate Society, represented in Beijing by Andrew Peake, was accepted for membership in FISAE.


            6. Third Computer-Assisted Design Competition. M. Baeyens reported that more than 1045 bookplates were submitted by 425 artists, mostly younger designers, from 35 countries. Half the entries were from Turkey, thanks to the efforts of Professor Hasip Pektas. He announced the major prize winners. 34 bookplates were produced in the catalogue. The exhibition would travel to Lausanne, Istanbul, Frederikshavn, and Sint Niklaas. Professor Baeyens reported on the financial difficulties encountered in arranging the competition. It was decided to hold a fourth competition in 2009 at Ghent under the direction of the Curator of the Sint-Niklaas Exlibris Museum. An appeal was made to FISAE member societies to make a financial contribution to the expenses of the competition.


            7. United Nations Library Bookplate Competition. Benoit Junod reported that a change in the Directorship of the Library had caused the bookplate design competition to be deferred and that he would report further progress to the next FISAE Congress.


            8. FISAE Web-Site. The FISAE web-site now operates out of Switzerland under the management of Benoit Junod. Although it has experienced some difficulties, it is mostly operative and all shortcomings are expected to be rectified in the near future. A request was made to member societies to send information to info@fisae.org as to activities and contact changes.


            9. Model Bookplate Cataloguing Entries and Workshop. There was no Report from Sint-Niklaas on this project, but the Executive Secretary reported that measures were being taken to hold a meeting, probably in London, in 2009 or 2010 on the subject.


            10. FISAE Certificates and Medals. The Executive Secretary reported FISAE Certificates of Honour had been recommended for eight individuals: the Udo Ivask Certificate to Heinrich Scheffer (Austria); the Mantero Certificate to Liang Dong (China); and the Brunovsky Certificate to Onnik Karanfilian (Bulgaria); Katsunori Hamanashi (Japan); Vladimir Vereshchagin (Russia); Yuri Nozdrin (Russia); and Yuri Borovitsky (Russia), and Serik Kulmeshkenov (United States). The Certificates had been designed and printed letterpress by Sebastian Carter of The Rampant Lions Press and the calligraphy by Joke van der Brandt. The full list of all participants is maintained on the FISAE web-site.


            Valerii Pokatov invited all FISAE societies to attend an ex-libris congress and to participate in a bookplate design competition from 18-21 May 2009 to commemorate the millennium of the City of Yaroslavl, Russian Federation.


            The Delegates expressed their appreciation to Liang Dong and Zhang Jia-ru for organizing such an outstanding Congress.


            The meeting was adjourned at 17:15 hours.



Liang Dong

President of FISAE


William E. Butler

Executive Secretary, FISAE