The Jury was composed of:


Yannis Gourzis, Chairman, engraver and Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts,

Nikos Desekopoulos, engraver and chairman of the Union of Greek Engravers,

Aria Komianou, engraver and deputy chairman of the Union of Greek Engravers,

Vassilis Zevgolis, collector of ex-libris and author of a book and many articles on the subject


The exhibition of the best works received opened at the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Lefkas on August 17th and will be open until September 27th, 2005


249 artists were selected for this exhibition with a total of about 500 ex-libris. A further 120 artists whose work did not conform to the rules and regulations for the competition will be shown next year, separately.




First Prize: DAMYANOV, Veselin /Bulgaria/1977


Second Prize: TARASCO, Pietro Paolo /Italy/1956


Third Prize: NOZDRIN, Yuri /Russia/1949


Special Intaglio Printing Prizes:


BORTNIKOV, Evgenij /Russia/1952

BRAZDA, Jiri /Czech Rep./1952

ZUEV, Vladimir /Russia/1959


Prizes for young authors:


GREKAS, Giorgos /Greece/1974

JORDANOV,Yulian-Dimitrov /Bulgaria/1965

KNAP, Miroslav /Slovakia/1973


Honorable Mentions:


BOROVITSKY, Yuri /Russia/1955

FILI, Maria /Greece/1972

KARLAFTOPOULOS, Dimitris /Greece/1971

KONSTANTINOVIC, Mirsad / Bosnia Herzegovina/1956

KRSIC, Bogdan /Serbia & Montenegro/1932

LUCZAK, Wojciech /Poland/1946

MALYSHKO, Petro, /Ukraine/1941

VERESCHAGIN, Vladimir, E. /Russia/1949

ZALNIERIUTE, Danute /Lithuania/1950


A catalogue will be published and can be ordered from  gourzis@andromeda.asfa.gr