Born on 28.11.1915 in Tallinn


1931-1937 studied at the State School of Arts and Crafts (teachers: A. Jansen, R. Nyman, V. Mellik)


1938-1940 studied painting at the State Higher Art School (teachers: A. Jansen, J. Greenberg, V. Mellik)


1939 First public show (“Autumn Art Exhibition”, organised by the Committee of the Foundation for Fine Art in Tallinn)


1939-1940 Member of the Central Association of Fine Artists of Estonia


1939-1940 Teacher of the nude course in the State Higher Art School


1939-1941 Teacher of drawing and technical drawing in State Higher Art School, State School for Craft Students and Vocational Boys’ School


1942-1944 Belonged into the collective of Estonian artists in Yaroslavl, war artist


1943 Founder member of the Artists’ Association of the ESSR


1944 Dean of decorative and monumental painting and teacher of monumental painting and drawing at the Tallinn State Institute of Applied Arts (from 1951 Estonian State Art Institute)


1954 Professor at the Estonian State Art Institute


1962 Correspondent member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR


1963 Honorary member of Firenze Academy of Art, national artist of the ESSR


1972 Elected honorary member of the Association of Bookplates and Graphics of Leningrad


1975 Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR


Creative fields of activity: painting, monumental painting, graphic arts, bookplates, applied arts.




Over 50 personal exhibitions – in Tallinn, Tartu, Haapsalu, Viljandi, Rakvere, Rapla, Kohtla-Järve, Vilnius, Moscow, Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Kursk, Harkov, Simferopol, Baku, Finland, Sweden, USA


1958 first personal exhibition in Tallinn

1960 personal exhibition in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa

1960 illustrations to “Kalevipoeg”, Tallinn

1961 personal exhibition in Haapsalu, Kohtla-Nõmme

1962 State Art Museum of ESSR, Tallinn

1963 personal exhibition in Tartu, Kiev, Kursk, Lvov, Simferopol, Harkov

1964 State Art Museum of ESSR, Tallinn

1965 Tallinn Art House

1965 personal exhibition in Stockholm

1967 personal exhibition in Baku

1968 paintings in Rakvere, Rapla

1968 exhibition of drawings in art salon, Tallinn

1975 Tallinn Art House

1975 exhibition of bookplates in Tartu

1977 in Artists’ House, Moscow

1980 State Art Museum of ESSR, Tallinn

1985 Tallinn Art House

1990 Tallinn Art House

1995 Tartu Art Museum

1998 Raatuse Gallery, Tallinn

2000 Gallery of Tallinn Art House

2001 Valga Cultural Centre

2001 Pärnu City Gallery



Since 1944 has participated in all annual exhibitions of Estonia

1946 group exhibition “Estonian artists in Armenia”, Tallinn

1947 tempera murals in Tallinn railway station

1947 group exhibition (R. Sagrits, R. Uutmaa) in Tallinn

1948 ceiling piece of the theatre “Estonia” (with R. Sagrits and E. Kits)

1949 group exhibition of graphic artists in Moscow (O. Kangilaski, E. Lepp, I. Linnat, G. Reindorf and E. Einmann)

1962 XXXI Venice Biennial

1963 V international exhibition of graphic art in Ljubljana

1965 VI international exhibition of graphic art in Ljubljana

1968 all-Union travelling exhibition

1971 group exhibition in art salon, Tallinn

1972 group exhibition in Viljandi (J. Muks, L. Mikko)

1975 group exhibition in Kunda (A. Hiibus, A. Kütt, V. Tõnisson)

1977 I triennial of bookplates of Baltic Soviet Republics

1979 Vilnius painting triennial

1980 travelling exhibition organised by Tartu Art Museum

1981 group exhibition in Lübeck (N. Kormasov, O. Subbi)

1982 group exhibition in Riga (A. Keerend, I. Torn)

1983 exhibition of bookplates in Jurmala

1984 exhibition of bookplates in Hyvinkää and Riga

1985 exhibition of bookplates in Helsinki

1987 “Estonian Art”, Central Exhibition House, Moscow

1988 exhibition of Estonian art at ESTO days, Melbourne

1990 Estonian art in Lohja, Finland

1990 Estonian art in France

1995 spring exhibition, Tallinn Art House

1996 “Evald Okas and Daughters”, Chaplin Cultural Centre, Pärnu

1997 “Confrontations and Agreements”, Tallinn Art House

1998 Spring exhibition ’98, Viljandi Art Hall

1999 “Painting ‘99”, Tallinn Art House

1999 “Art Summer ‘99”, Pärnu City Gallery

2000 “Estonian Art at the Turn of the Century”, Tallinn Art House and Berlin

2001 “Butterfly Catcher”, Pärnu Museum of Contemporary Art

2001 “Man and Woman”, Pärnu Museum of Contemporary Art

2002 Painting 2002, Tallinn Art House

2003 exhibition of paintings “Painting Paradise”, Gallery 008, Tallinn

2003 annual exhibition of EAA “Me and the Other”, Tallinn Art House

2004 annual painting exhibition “ICH BIN EIN MALER”




Afganisthan, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, UK, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, USA, Vietnam, Norway, Syria



1948 state prize of ESSR for the ceiling piece of “Estonia” (with E. Kits, R. Sagrits)

1950 prize of Soviet Estonia for the design of a crystal vase

1959 prize of Soviet Estonia for “Mahtra Sõda”, “Netherlands Series”

1961 prize at IV international exhibition of graphic art in Ljubljana

1962 silver medal of the Academy of Arts of USSR for “Kalevipoeg”, “Travel impressions from Italy 1961”

1962 grand silver medal for participation in art exposition of the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of USSR

1965 prize of Soviet Estonia for graphic sheets

1977 prize at I triennial of bookplates of Baltic Soviet Republics

1978 Grand Prix at Vilnius Painting Triennial

1979 Kristjan Raud annual award



Estonian Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum, Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Museum Ludwig, Köln and elsewhere.