Remo Palmirani Prizes





The Ex Libris Mediterraneo Museum of Ortona (Chieti, Italy), in cooperation with the heirs of Remo Palmirani, the “Ex Libris” magazine and the “Italo Zetti” Foundation, has instituted two biennial prizes in memory of Remo Palmirani – researcher, author, ex-libris historian and collector, and founder of the museum.

On even-numbered years the prize is awarded to an artist.

On odd-numbered years the prize is awarded to a scholar.

The prize-awarding commitee will also attribute another prize with no special conditions, called the  “Remo Palmirani special Prize” to honour artists, collectors, researchers and scholars who have had many years’ activity in developing and promoting knowledge of ex-libris beyond just collecting them.


Rules for the “Remo Palmirani Prize 2006 for the Artist”


1) Participation is reserved to artists who have realised one or more ex libris for Remo Palmirani. They may take part with the submission of commissioned works or plates which were made as gifts, provided that they can show proof that these gifts were received. Ex-libris realised after Remo Palmirani’s death or in his memory are not accepted.


2) Dissemination of these rules will be made trough the museum’s website, and interested artists, FISAE, ex-libris associations and specialised magazines will be informed directly.


3) Each ex-libris submitted must be accompanied by the following information: artist’s name, surname, address and nationality; technique used, opus number, year of execution. The artist can add his e-mail address, a short english or italian curriculum vitae and a list of the ex libris he or she has created.


4) A single signed copy of each work submitted must be sent by April 28th, 2006 to:

Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo

Complesso Monumentale di Sant'Anna

Premio Remo Palmirani 2006 per l'artista

Corso Garibaldi 1

66026 Ortona (CH)



5) The jury, which will be composed of reputed persons knowlegeable in the field of ex-libris, , will award the following:

A Gold medal, specially coined, with a certificate for the “Remo Palmirani Artist’s Prize 2006”, hosting in Ortona on the occasion of the prize-awarding ceremony and an individual exhibition at the museum on a date to be agreed.

Twelve  “Remo Palmirani Artist’s certificate of merit 2006”


6) Laureates will be informed by letter and/or e-mail. The results will be published on the museum website in july 2006.


7) The Ex Libris Mediterraneo museum has the right to publish, on paper or in digital format, the images of all works submitted. The works received and the paper and digital attached documents will integrate the historical archives of the museum and of the Remo Palmirani Research Centre.


8) The 2006-prize exhibition will be held in the showrooms of the Ex Libris Mediterraneo museum and will include the works of the prize-winning artist, those of the certificate holders and other works selected by the jury. A catalogue will be published. A virtual exhibition of the Remo Palmirani prize will be also published on the website and will include all works submitted.


9) The prize-awarding ceremony and the exhibition inauguration will be held on July 15th, 2006 at the Ex Libris Mediterraneo museum of Ortona.


10) More information can be requested by e-mail to: