The rules of the First International Ex-Libris Competition, Ankara 2003: a model for other competitions, by Luc van den Briele
An analysis of competition regulations which gives anyone who plans to organise a bookplate competition very sound advice as to how to draft them.

As to ‘functional’ ex-libris: Report on an AFCEL symposium, Metz, 29.09.02
by Benoît Junod

Discussions as to whether ‘limited edition’ artists’ plates are really ex-libris or not have been going on since the 1920s. The Metz symposium reflects some contemporary thoughts on the subject.

First biennial for exlibris and small graphics organized by the Collegium Europaeum in Gniezno (Poland)
…remarkable experiences on the crooked paths of an exlibris competition

by Luc Van den Briele
Chairing a jury can be a delicate task. Again, the precision and clarity of the regulations can help avoid problems. This article was published in Graphia, October 2005

06.08.05  In memoriam Remo Palmirani – A message from FISAE President Josef Burch

07.08.05  In memoriam Frank Martin Brian North Lee, F. S. A., Hon. President of the Bookplate Society

11.08.05 Second International Ex-libris Biennial of Sofia, 2005 250 artists, over 800 ex-libris sent… See the results at

12.08.05 Results of the 20th Jubilee International Biennial of Malbork - The information has been posted by the organisers at

22.08.05 First International ex-libris Triennial of Levkas, Greece -Corrected 24.08.05!  Here are the results...

22.08.05 1st International Biennale Exhibition of Ex-Libris and Small Graphic Forms, Gniezno 2005 "Europe in Signs" - The results can be found at

30.08.05 In memoriam Josef Liesler - Josef Burch, President of FISAE

29.09.05 Fourth International Triennial of Gallant and Erotic Ex-libris, Havirov, 2005 - click here to see the results... Images will follow!

25.10.05 In memoriam Audrey Arellanes.  Two short obituaries are posted here

12.11.05 Prof. Evald Okas, the Estonian artist, painter and engraver, has reached the ripe age of 90 on Nov. 28! Bravo! If you click here, you can read an article written by Leila Lehtiranta... here you can find Prof. Okas' curriculum vitae... here, you can see his photograph... and here, you can see some examples of his ex-libris.

21.11.05 Museo Ex-libris Mediterraneo...  a new museum dedicated to bookplates opened in Italy last year. Created by the late Remo Palmirani, it is situated on the Adriatic coast just north of Rome. Click here and learn more about this institution!

20.02.06 Ex-libris art in China... An article specially written for by Professor Zhang zhi you, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Exlibris Association.

23.03.06 About FISAE 2nd International CGD Ex-libris Competition: Prof. Hasip Pektas
Ex-libris which were successful in this contest stood out because of good content, original composition and well-chosen and integrated typography. They drew the jury's attention and were retained because they were successful in terms of both technical and aesthetic aspects.

Seif, click here


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