certificates of honour





Berdichevsky, Jakov (Germany/Ukraine) - 2014

Borodaev, Iurii S. (Russia) – 2003

Fangaresi, Dante (Italy) – 2010

Kiljander, Heikki (Finland) – 2010

Lee, Brian North (England) - 2004

Stolt, Lars (Sweden) -2006

Uchida, Ichigoro (Japan) - 2003

Wiktorsson, Per-Axel (Sweden) - 2011


Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks Certificate

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Awarded for excellence in bookplate collecting, understood to mean not merely the amassing of a large collection generally or commissioning of personal bookplates, but evidence of special qualities of a collector – how he or she uses his collecting, philanthropy, contribution to bookplate design through commissions, cataloguing and annotation, and other criteria of excellence.


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