Andrew Peake represented the New Autralian Bookplate Society, which was admitted to FISAE... Hasip Pektas renewed his invitation to come for the 33rd Congress to Turkey in 2010, which will take place in Istanbul - everyone agreed!

  Andrew Peake, and Hasip Pektas
Tauno Piiroinen, president of the Aboensis Finnish Society, offered to host the 2012 congress in Naantali, Finland, and the suggestion was warmly greeted.
  Tauno Piiroinen and his interpreter, Ms. Stina Ojala, secretary of Exl. Aboensis
FISAE certificates were delivered: a Mantero to Liang Dong as President of the Congress, one Ivask to Heinrich Scheffer for his publications and six Brunovsky certificates to artists (Borovitsky, Hamanishi, Karanfilian, Kulmeshkenov, Nozdrin and Vladimir Vereschagin).

  Liang Dong (left) with W. E. Butler (right) signing certificates. The acting President of the Congress, Zhang Jiarui, stands between them. With his back to us, our fantastic congress interpreter, Hui Lin Dong