The Beijing Congress, which was the 32nd international meeting of FISAE, took place from the 13th to the 17th of October 2008 at the Beijing World Art Museum. Although definitive figures and a final list of participants are not yet available, about 260 persons took part of which two thirds were from China and the rest from other parts of the world. Although like all congresses, there were some small logistical problems, on the whole one can state that it was a memorable and very satisfying event. The organisers welcomed everyone warmly and there were a number of delicious dinners and banquets which allowed everyone to discover the amazing and delicious! variety of Chinese cuisine.

  The World Art Museum

Two exhibitions were on the walls of the Beijing World Art Museum, which was the congress venue. One was a show of the work of a group of outstanding artists from the West, beautifully mounted but without any real surprises for knowledgeable collectors...

  From left to right: Bortnikov (missing), half of Hasip Pektas, Martin Baeyens, Igor Piacka, Jiri Brazda, Natalija Cernetsova, Martin Manojlin, Peter Ford, Vladimir Suchanek and Peter Lazarov...
The other was an 850-item show of a selection from the 4675 ex-libris submitted (by 1050 artists from 42 countries) for the traditional ex-libris presentation which takes place at each congress. This was much more exciting, as it allowed visitors to discover how much the art of bookplates has progressed in China over the last few years. Also it contained four showcases with examples of stone book stamps - real ex-libris for use in books! The works were superbly presented and many could happily figure in our collections with those of prominent Western creators.

  Exhibition with the seal stamp showcases