Of course, there are still many artists who stick close to their cultural traditions and hesitate to break new ground, but even these are of a quality that reminds us that, after all, it is in China that the woodcut and printmaking were invented.

  By Feng Han Jiang

Amongst Chinese participants, there were a few real collectors, many artists, and a few persons who have launched into the business of selling ex-libris. Western artists, as usual, sold their artistís proofs (sometimes suspiciously unnumbered), but it was new (and perhaps ethically questionable) to see collectors selling their plates.

  Euros, Dollars, Chinese Yuans changed hands... and even ex-libris!
As in all congresses, trading and exchanging plates is the absolute priority for many collectors and artists. The Congressís only failing, in my opinion, was to have no conferences or debates to make the questions related to our subject of collection better understood and more transparent. On the other hand, the organisers generously hosted a dinner for delegates to the FISAE meeting, and this was a valuable opportunity to exchange opinions.

  Wonderful opportunities for discoveries