International ex-libris competition



on the theme


"BREAD - A cultural heritage"


THE BALKANKULT FOUNDATION, THE ERICARTS INSTITUTE, THE ANKARA EX-LIBRIS SOCIETY, THE BREAD MUSEUM, Ulm and THE BELGRADE EX-LIBRIS CIRCLE, have decided to organise an international ex-libris competition on the subject of BREAD - A CULTURAL HERITAGE, to support co-operation amongst persons active in culture and media, artists and entities inside and outside South-East Europe, and help develop communicational, professional and technical trans-border artistic and cultural ties and independent exchanges of information.


Participation rules:


Article 1

This competition is open to artists from all over the world. No fee is required for participation.


Article 2

Artists are invited to make one or more ex-libris on the theme the BREAD – a cultural heritage, as a very general and multi-facetted symbol.


Article 3

All works submitted must be conceived as ex-libris, i. e. as small-format art graphics made to be pasted into books and to identify their owner. They must integrate within the image the words EX LIBRIS, or a similar inscription in the language of the participating countries and the NAME OF THE OWNER, who must be an existing person or institution.


Article 4

There are no limitations as to the number of different ex-libris which may be submitted. The maximum size of the printed surface must not be more than 13 cm. Participants must send FOUR prints of EACH work submitted. The ownership of the material sent will pass to the organizers of the competition, as well as the rights of reproduction.


Article 5

Ex-libris submitted must be printed original graphic works, drawings, sketches or photocopies will not be accepted. All graphic arts techniques will be treated equally.


Article 6

Each print of each ex-libris submitted must have, legibly inscribed in Latin alphabet, on the back of it in pencil, the artist's name and address, his year of birth, the technique used and the year in which the ex-libris was made. Each print must be signed or initialed by the artist. It would be appreciated if artists could send short curriculum vitae with the material for the competition.


Article 7

The international Jury will be composed of the following:

Salomon Arpad, graphic artist, Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia;

Dr Andrea Fadani, Director of the Bread Museum, Ulm, Germany,

Prof. Caslav Ocic, President of the Belgrade Ex-libris Circle;

Prof. Hasip Pektas, graphic artist and President of the Ankara Ex-libris Society, Turkey;

Dimitrije Vujadinovic, president BalkanKult Foundation, Belgrade,

Prof. Dr Andreas Wiesand, Executive Director of EricArts Institute, Bonn, Germany;


The president of the Jury is Caslav Ocic. The Jury will pay attention to the artistic and technical qualities of the ex-libris, as well as to its originality and its merit as a mark of possession integrating concept, image and text. The decision of the Jury will be final. The jury reserves its right not to award certain prizes or certificates if there are not enough works submitted of sufficient quality.


Article 8

The following prizes will be awarded by decision of the Jury: a first prize of 1500 Euro, a second prize of 1000 Euro and two ex-aequo prizes of 500 Euro. Individuals and institutions can give unofficial prizes.


Article 9

The deadline date for submitting works is DECEMBER 15th, 2006. Material for the competition must be sent to the address:


Article 10

An illustrated catalogue of works submitted for the competitions will be prepared and will be sent free of charge to artists whose ex-libris are illustrated therein. The best ex-libris from the competition will be exhibited in Belgrade and various cities of the region.


Article 11

Participation in the competitions implies unconditional acceptance of the above rules.


Article 12

The results of the competitions will be sent for publication to all the associations which are members of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Amateurs d'Ex-libris (FISAE).