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Milano, Italy,

XXV. International Ex-libris Congress, Milano, Italy,
6-10 September, 1994

Milano was a place within easy reach for Europeans. Giuseppe Mirabella and his team organised it efficiently, with 240 participants involved. The delegates' meeting admitted the Estonian, Slovak and Hong Kong societies, as well as the Slovenian association and the Belgrade Ex-libris Circle (following the dismembering of former Yugoslavia). At this congress one noted the increase in the practice of selling bookplates (especially by artists).

The Russian Connection: Anatolii Kalashnikov (L) and William Butler (R)

Pause in the congress centre courtyard. Looking at the camera: Claus Wittal

(L to R), front row: Jef Arras, Hedwig Pauwels, Loderijk Deurinck

(L to R) Martin Baeyens, Wim Zwiers, Frank-Ivo van Damme, Gerard Gaudaen

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