Self-portrait, 2006

Mauricio Cruz' presentation at the Ferme du Manoir in Nyon, at 18.30 on the 26th of August 2006 was struck by a technical curse which all the ex-libris shamans, together, could not counter.

Click here to see what happened...     record of a technical hitch

We are grateful to Cor van Vlijmen for providing the photographs!

Thanks to the progress of modern technology, we are able to provide the Powerpoint presentation of Mauricio's talk. You have two options:

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Be a little patient, please, it is a big file...  ...and to see it you need Powerpoint on your computer...

Mauricio Cruz has written two articles on ex-libris.
One, the book as apple, deals with the nature and genre of ex-libris, and you can find it by clicking here
The other is common places: a story 'at one peso', about the three ex-libris he has created. The Spanish version is on line and can be reached by clicking here, and we will update the link when the text has been translated into English.