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In Assembly on 31 August 2002 the delegates of FISAE approved the awarding of certificates of honour and of medals to worthy individuals and institutions. The financial resources are not as yet available to commission the production of medals; however, a donor has been found to finance the printing of Certificates of Honour by Sebastian Carter, at Rampant Lions Press. The texts of the five types of Certificates of Honour are set out below, together with the Guidelines for awarding them.

1. Certificates of Honour may be awarded to worthy individuals, bookplate societies, publications, and others who in the opinion of the Management Committee are worthy of this distinction.

2. Nominations or recommendations for the Conferment of Certificates of Honour may be made in writing at any time by member societies of FISAE, individuals, or at the initiative of the Committee

3. At the outset, given a substantial backlog of worthy individuals, it is proposed that awards be made once a year. There is no limit on the number of Certificates that may be awarded at any one time. Each recommendation for a Certificate shall be valid for a period of not more than two years; that is, a recommendation may not be immediately accepted in the discretion of the Management Committee in the first round following the submission of the nomination, but shall be before the Management Committee for consideration for at least two more rounds. If a Certificate is not awarded within that period, a new submission must be made.

4. Some individuals or other candidates may qualify in more than one category of Certificate. The awarding of more than one Certificate to a single individual or other candidate shall not be prohibited, provided that only one Certificate shall be awarded per selection round to an individual or other candidate.


5. The name of the laureate will be placed on each Certificate of Honour by a qualified calligrapher.

6. Each certificate shall be signed by the President of FISAE in office at the relevant time.

7. The Executive Secretary of FISAE shall coordinate the work connected with selecting and awarding Certificates of Honour, in consultation with members of the Management Committee (see Article 9, FISAE Charter). Other individuals and organizations may be consulted at the discretion of the Executive Secretary.

8. The formal awarding of the Certificate may be transmission by post or at a ceremonial occasion, including at a FISAE Congress or meeting of a national bookplate society, as the Management Committee deems most appropriate and efficient.

9. Full publicity is to be given to the awarding of a Certificate of Honour through member societies and other media.

10. If and when medals become available for any or all of the awards, the recipients of medals shall retrospectively include those already awarded Certificates and who are still alive.

In general, quality and frequency of contributions are to be weighed. The awards are being given by FISAE in its international capacity;

they are no substitute for awards that may be given by individual national societies for contributions to those societies. While such service may sometimes be relevant, a FISAE Certificate is not an award purely for service to a single national bookplate society.
There is a large backlog of deserving people. We should expect to award a substantial number of certificates during the first three to four years, and then probably with less frequency.

Each recommendation needs to be supported by argument and evidence. In some instances a name will be self-evident to the Committee, especially in the early days; later a substantial body of material may need to be submitted. The Committee will review the Guidelines from time to time.

Individuals and societies can nominate persons for FISAE certificates… You know now the criteria, and should read the rest of this section carefully… then mail us your nominations at and we will make sure they are given to the Committee!

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