Fourth International Triennial of erotic and gallant ex-libris, Havirov, 2005

301 authors from 40 countries have taken part in this competition with 1100 exhibits.

The international jury was composed of:

Ing. Arch. Andrej GACEK (PL) - architect, art-collector - Wroclaw

Mgr. Heiser Zdeněk HEISER (CZ) - pedagogue, organizer, gallerist - Havířov

Pavel HLAVATY (CZ) - painter and graphic, organizer, publicist - Havířov, Prague

JUDr. Mgr. Vratislav JANDA (CZ) -    chairman of the SSPE (Art-collectors and friends of exlibris association), art-historian - Prague, Louny

Dr. Marie  KASTOVSKA (CZ) – art-manager, art-collector, publicist – Ostrava

Prof. Merkem Janus MERKEM (PL) – painter and graphic, Academy of Visual Art Wroclaw

Sakwerda Jan SAKWERDA (PL) – art-collector, publicist, Museum of medal Wroclaw

Lech SIERSZULSKI (PL) – artist, art-collector, gallerist - Wroclaw

PhDr. Iva TAUFEROVA (CZ) – art-manager, psychologist, publicist - Prague

A first round of selection by a jury  of Czech artists, historians and art-collectors has nominated 30 authors. An international jury then determined the order of 1st to 30th place between  the artists in competition. This order was:

1. Nozdrin Y. (ROS), Kocak P. (SK), 3. Vavrová K. (SK), 4. Brázda J. (CZ), 5. Sugimoto I. (JAP), 6. Fenchak V. (UKR), 7. Glowacka A. (PL), 8. Radzikowska E. (PL), 9. Murasawa R. (JAP), 10. Novikova E. (RUS), 11. Vjal G. (BLS), 12. Cernetsova N. (LV), 13. Hrapov S. (UKR), 14. Malou Oi Yee Hung (Hong Kong), 15. Domashenko N. (ROS), 20. Boophaklin Ch. (Thailand), 21. Tsankova I. (BG), 22. Kirkilo P. (PL), 23. Hilli A. (SF), 24. Šalamon A. (SLO), 25. Samosujk O. (RUS), 26. Bianchi D. I. (ARG), 27. Pannunzio M. (Brazil), 28. Kyriakidis Y. (GR), 29. Yeralti G. (TR), 30. Trubaluk C. (PL).

Corresponding awards were attributed as follows:

1st award – Grand Prix Havířov 2005 (700):  Yuri NOZDRIN (Russia)

2nd award (500): Peter KOCAK (Slovakia)

3rd award (300) Katarína VAVROVA (Slovakia)

4th award, for the best graphics print – a week's stay in Prague for the artist‘s family (value 1000, sponsor – Dr. I.Tauferova): Yuri NOZDRIN (Russia)

5th award,  'Franz von Bayros (1866-1924)' – (200, sponsor- P. Hlavatý): Ichibun SUGIMOTO (Japan)

6. Plaque of Honour SSPE – Prague: Elena NOVIKOVA (Russia)


A Public Award will be attributed by decision of the guests attending the exhibition opening

Great Public Awards will be given by decision of the all gallery visitors, post-exhibition.

Jury has awarded 15 honourable mentions to the following artists:

Baeyens Martin (B), Fenchak Vasyl (UKR), Glowacka Hanna (PL), Radzikowska Elzbieta (PL), Murasawa Ryoichi (JAP), Novikova Elena (RUS), Vjal Gennadij (BLS), Cernetsova Natalita (LV), Hrapov Sergej (UKR), Malou Oi Yee Hung (HongKong), Domashenko Nikolai (RUS), Polakovič Dušan (SK), Alexandrov Gennadij (CZ), Melan Petr (CZ), Keleinikova Olga (RUS)

The juries respected differences of expressive and technical interpretation, the moral aspects and conventions regarding the given subject. Names of artists are given here in the same way as they were submitted.

Persons wishing to attend the opening of the exhibition  (VSVW 14.10.2005 at 17:00) can book lodgings in a hotel or a boarding house. Each artist represented in the catalogue (c. 200 authors, 500 prints) will receive the catalogue free of charge, other interested persons can order this catalogue  (15 EURO – postage charge included) – to be provided by Mr. Hlavatý in mid-2006. The following days, 15. -16.10.2005, the Congress of SSPE will take place in Chrudim, 300 kms from Havířov, 100 kms from Prague. information: Mrs. Marie Sedmínková, PNP- Cabinet Exlibris, Resslovo náměstí 85, CZ-577 01, Chrudim, tel: +420 469 620 688. Up to 400 collectors from all over the world are expected to take part in the congress.

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