certificates of honour
Helmer Fogedgaard Certificate.

Awarded to those who specialize in bookplate publishing, bookplate dealers of reputation and distinction, museum and collection staff, founders of bookplate societies, bookplate museums or special collections, and the like.





Baeyens, Martin (Belgium) – 2007: for the promotion and organisation of competitions relating to computer-designed bookplates

Beijing Exlibris Museum (China) – 2010

Boss, Thomas (USA) – 2003: bookplate dealer

Butler, William E. (GB / USA)- 2011, bookplate publications from Primrose Hill Press

Frederikshavn Museum (Denmark) – 2010

Gashi-Butler, Maryann, (United States) – 2011, bookplate publications from Primrose Hill Press

Gutenberg-Museum Mainz (Germany) -- (2011)

Ivensky, Semen (Israel) – 2006, for numerous exhibitions and publications promoting the bookplate

Junod, Benoit (Switzerland) – 2003: for services in creating bookplate societies in Latin America, the Balkans and Turkey

Larsen, Helge (Denmark) – 2011, philanthropist and trustee of Bookplate Museum Frederikshavn

Loburev, Vladimir V. (Russia) – 2003: Founder and Curator, Exlibris Museum, Moscow

Malbork Muzeum (Poland) 2007, for organizing bookplate design competitions and exhibitions for several decades

Mikhailov, Alexander (Russia) – publisher of bookplate catalogues

Mirabella, Giuseppe (Italy) – 2011, for organizing bookplate publishing

Mota Miranda, A. M. da (Portugal) – 2003: publisher of three encyclopaedic works on modern bookplate artists

Museo Exlibris Mediterraneo (Italy) – 2010

Perkin, V. D. (Russia) – 2004: publisher of more than sixteen definitive checklists of Russian bookplate designers, preserving the Samizdat tradition

Shustrova, Ludmila (Russia) – 2010: curator, Exlibris Museum, Moscow

Sint-Niklaas Exlibris Museum (Belgium) – 2004: for excellence as a bookplate museum and organizer of bookplate design competitions

Souverein, Johan (Netherlands) – 2003, bookplate dealer

Stock, Karl F. (Austria) – 2011, bookplate publisher

Sukhareva, Klara (Russia) -2014

Torre, Giancarlo (Italy) - 2014, for many competitions and publications.

Wilson, James Ley (England) – 2003, bookplate dealer and publisher

Wilyman, Gill and Jem (England) – 2007 for the publication of numerous books on bookplates

Wittal, Claus (Germany) – 2003, bookplate dealer and publisher



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