What are ex-libris?




Ex-libris or 'bookplates' are small prints or labels designed to be pasted into books to indicate their owner.

Today, ex-libris are conceived and created for real use in libraries, but are often also small-format art prints, collected world-wide.




Basic information
How are ex-libris made? What are their themes? Why do people collect them? Why order one?

The Official FISAE definition of ex-libris : click here

Symbols for techniques

Artists use a variety of printmaking techniques to produce ex-libris. Symbols are used for their identification.

List of Artists
There are hundreds of artists who make ex-libris and take part in competitions. This list gives contact addresses.

See examples of ex-libris, divided by techniques. There is also a password-protected section on erotic ex-libris.

This section contains articles on bookplates, information on past competitions and other archived information.

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