Small PicturesGreat Images is the name of the publication of the Finnish graphic artist, Professor Pentti Kaskipuro’s entire bookplate production. Never earlier has a book covering his whole ex libris art been published. The work has been sponsored by the Finnish Culture Foundation. The book consists of 128 pages. There are also some working phase pictures in the book. The artist has commented the background of each and every bookplate, and also expressed his thoughts of ex libris art in general.  

The book, hard cover, measures 21 x 17 cm. There is an English translation of the whole text in the book, and  a Swedish translation is available in printed A4 pages upon request. The book, which has been printed in 500 copies, has been edited by Leila Lehtiranta, who also has designed the layout. This includes a special edition consisting of numbered copies from 1 to 200, which all have been signed by the artist himself.

Enquiries and orders:

Juha Lehtiranta      e-mail: <>
Heikintie 23 D
01820 Klaukkala
Finland                                 + 358 50 522 9393

1. The normal book,  € 17,-  (20 or more copies € 16,-  per book)

2. A numbered book 1-200 with Kaskipuro’s signature, € 23,-

Shipping costs, 3,60 € per book, will be added.


IBAN CODE: F18053001750175360