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A message from the ASBCD...

The American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers (ASBC&D) is a global organization that appreciates and encourages
the use fine personal marks of book ownership. The Society publishes THE CHRONICLE newsletter and YEAR BOOK.
We organize regional, national, inter-American, and international meetings for members. The ASBC&D presents illustrated talks,
exhibitions, and workshops throughout America. Inquiries are invited.


We are delighted to offer you a FREE DOWNLOAD of BOOKPLATES: THE ART OF THIS CENTURY!  
;HERE'S THE LINK~~ If you experience difficulty with the download,
please write and we will send you a "wetransfer" file.  

This is a directory of contemporary bookplate artists. The response has been so favorable that the 2nd edition is in process
and promises to be over 1,000 pages offering works by many new artists. Since the original publication date of November 2013
the directory has been acquired by thousands of libraries, collectors, bibliophiles, and artists around the world. 

The key is that artists and collectors are connecting through this publication. Artists are receiving commissions
and NEW collectors are using personal bookplate prints in their libraries. The directory promotes fine printing
to an audience outside of the exclusive ex libris collecting network. Simultaneously introducing our traditions
of building world friendships through the exchange of art. This is our goal.  For the first time this introductory
edition is available for FREE to all those who want to learn more about the graphic art form.



Georg Meussgeier, Exlibris, Schätze aus vier Jahrhunderten


Catalogue of an exhibition of ex-libris from the Meussgeier collection, Kronach, 17.03-30.06.15

Meussgeier, a life-long member of the DEG and a charming and passionate collector of early German bookplates,
put together a fine exhibition of important ex-libris dating from the 16th to the 18th Centuries. His collection, like most
important ones, has some fine and very rare material - and at the same time, lacks many of the great classics. It also
contains some plates of which one can have doubts that they were really used as ex-libris - for example, the superb and
large (21 x 16 cm) plate for the Duke of Mecklenburg, and, as with many such plates, it would be fascinating to look at
the back of the print to see if there are traces of glue.

The 262-page paperback is well printed, with about a third of the illustrations in colour and the rest in black and white. It
is a must- like Ilse O'Dell's book- for all amateurs of early German material. Information on price, etc. can be found on the DEG website

02. 09. 15

Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai to hold exchange congress and exhibition in ChangZhou City, October 23 to 26, 2015

Address: Phoenix Valley the fifth floor of art galley, YanZhengZhong avenue No. 29 ,WuJin District, ChangZhou City, JiangSu Province, China (ChangZhou WuJin Exlibris Museum) POST CODE: 213161

The registration fee is 200EUR - 300 EUR according to different Room size and quality.

Exhibition Rules

1.Exlibris submitted at least 4 kinds, 3 pieces of each kind.

2. Foreign exlibris which created after 2014 must have the exact number?for example? 1/100

Taking account of the sponsors can flow exlibris better, we can better to get help from sponsors in the future,
and can better to promote the exlibris activities, so please offer understanding and support.

3.The number of person to gain prize: The gold medal of new exlibris: one person; 5000rmb

The sliver medal of new exlibris: two persons;3000rmb

The bronze medal of new exlibris: five persons; 1000rmb

4.Timing: the works to take part in the competition that should arrive at the destination before 2015/9/30.

Note: If you have not taken part in an SFXZ congress before, do not miss this opportunity! Hospitality wonderful,
prices very low, and discover China!!!

Further information from Wang Rong,


Aldo Manuzio : from the Folio to the pocket book

Publication and bookplate competition directed by Giancarlo Torre.

Editor, Il Levante Libreria. ISBN: 978-88-95203-46-1


For centuries, Italy has played a leading role in the field of typography and printing, It is sufficient to look at the list
of fonts on one’s computer (eliminating the ghastly nasties which have appeared in the last few decades)
to realise this, and it is surprising that Aldo Manuzio’s name is not directly associated with one of them. It is, however,
linked forever with his printer’s mark, the anchor and dolphin which stlll today, when spotted in a rare bookshop,
causes any bibliophile’s heart to race. Not really surprising that the idea for this mark, which first appeared in 1502,
was suggested by Manuzio’s friend, Bernardo Bembo…
But let me return to Giancarlo’s volume. The first element for which he must be praised is his choice of contributors,
and their articles examine various facets of Manuzio’s seminal contribution to the evolution of the book: the invention
of italics, which marked the demise of gothic printing, and even more crucial, the elaboration of a rational, and quickly
accepted, system of punctuation. He was also a fervent advocate of legibility, and many contemporary printers should
follow his advice… Manuzio is often called the ’father of the modern book’ as he was the first to fold in three the 32 x 42
paper sheet, then common on the market, producing an Octavo format, easily carried in the hand.
The Aldine Press ‘only’ printed 132 books during the 20 years that preceded Manuzio’s death.
A bookplate competition was a brilliant way of rendering homage to Manuzio, and thanks to Giancarlo Torre's
network of contacts, the bookplates sent in, and particularly those illustrated in the book, are of exceptional quality.
The  First Prize was awarded to Pier Paolo Tarasco, for his superb ex-libris encompassing all aspects of Aldo Manuzio’s world.
The Municipality of Bassiano, where Manuzio was born, helped with the project and the prizes: it is to be
congratulated, as one rarely sees the publication of such a fine commemorative book.

Benoit Junod


Just received from Carlos Horcades (

We are admirers from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) who created a group about Ex Libris in Facebookand we would really like you to join us.
We have a big collection of rare images to share with you.
Please spread the word  and share the group with others.

 You can see it here:

 Thank you very much!


I just received the following message:

Dear Sirs:
We are a group of ex libris collectors and researchers, and we are interested in starting to exchange links between our respective sites.
With that purpose we attach our web address and an image of our logotype.
Thanks in advance for your attention.
Best regards,

When you visit the blog, I am sure you will be impressed to discover not only its quality, but the fact that it is a blog created by RESEARCHERS
AND COLLECTORS of ex-libris. Oswaldo Jalil and the GADEL did a wonderful job for many years defending the interests of artists, but this is
the first time that a real potential FISAE association exists in Latin America. We will follow its development with great attention, and wish its members
the best of luck and much success!



Please find below the information concerning next year's DEG congress:

Invitation to the DEG Annual Meeting in Weiden/Oberpfalz from 28th April to 1st Mai 2016

The Deutsche Exlibris-Gesellschaft e.V., previously „Deutscher Exlibris- Verein“, founded in Berlin in 1891, this year celebrates
its 125th birthday! Let us celebrate the event adequately together in the MAX- REGER-HALLE in Weiden.
Situated in the nature park Nördlicher Oberpfälzer Wald, the urban municipality with almost 40.000 inhabitants has preserved its medieval core.
A ring of town walls and century old houses surrounds the historic old town in the centre of which you find the detached Town Hall,
famous for its 16th century chimes and the stork’s nest where every spring a pair of storks touchingly foster their young.
Renaissance facades frame the market square that invites you to stroll or shop.

A lot of places worth seeing strike you at a sightseeing tour, so among others the Max Reger House in which the composer (1873-1916)
not only spent his youth, but also created his most famous works for the organ. He gave his name to the organ in the protestant church of
St. Michael as well as to the idyllic park situated outside the town walls along the river Naab. And let’s not forget the Congress Hall,
the barrier-free meeting place of our congress. In walking distance (ca. 7 minutes) of the old town, it has a restaurant and parking lots.
A few steps through a well-groomed park take us to the Hotel ADMIRA**** with 104 rooms and 4 suites, free of cost underground parking,
√ a small wellness area, and an excellent restaurant (open only in the evening).

Accompanying partners who do not or only partially want to participate in the meeting could explore the Geopark Bayern-Böhmen
by bike on the Waldnaab cycle track. Also recommended are walks along the river Naab,
the “thermal world”, a visit to the market at the Town Hall (on Saturdays), a visit to the International
Ceramics Museum (a branch of the “New Collection Munich”), the gallery in the old school house,
or the sale in the Seltmann porcelain factory. After all, chinaware belongs to the cultural tradition of the old market town Weiden.

Four touristic routes go through the town (Golden route, Bavarian porcelain and glass routes, and European Goethe route)
which is easily accessible by car on the A 93 or by train with the “Regionalexpress”.

The meeting will take place in the 850 m2 Gustl-Lang-Saal where artists, collectors and antiquarians
will find lots of space for exchanging, chatting, selling and buying. Additionally we have the 600 m2
foyer at our disposal for four exhibitions which will be opened by the “Kulturamtsleiterin” of the town of Weiden accompanied by music.
Also, the winners of the competition for students I initiated will receive their prizes there. The address of the Weiden Mayor
will start the gala evening on Saturday with a varied program, ending by midnight with music and dancing.

I would like to point to the panel discussion on Friday morning in which among others the director of the Regional Library Weiden
will participate. “The bookplate between tradition and modernity: mark of ownership or free owner graphics?” is not
new as topic, but should always be questioned again. Furthermore, there is an option between two excursions on Saturday afternoon (see program).

Organizer of the Annual Meeting 2016

More information and registration form to follow...



News from The DEG congress 2015 in Bad Bramstedt.

The recent congress of the German society was, as usual, a large event and well attended by over 230 enthusiasts.
There was, however, a dissonant note: a couple of artists, members of the society, wrote a harsh open letter to the Board
and tended their resignation. Obviously such things happen from time to time, and although in the main they are
to be regretted, at times they raise fundamental issues which are better not swept under the carpet...
The main issues  which Mrs Hodek and Mr. Martinescu complained about concerned the bookplates themselves,
and the organisation of the congress.
The first was the size of works presented, and the fact that a large proportion were free graphics rather than bookplates.
The second was the apparent misrepresentation of the techniques used in making ex-libris - which, if voluntary,
are criminal rather than misleading.  The third issue was the abundance of overtly pornographic bookplates,
traded at a premium. 
Criticism also was aimed at the artists' exhibition of recent plates (too many, too bad),
bookplates made for persons without their authorisation or a commission, as well as charging table fees
which are the same for artists and dealers.

The Board of the DEG took the criticism to heart, and decided to answer with an open reply,
which echoes another which was written by two other artists, both members of the DEG.

We will limit ourselves to publishing here the DEG Board reply, as it echoes
many preoccupations expressed in ex-libris circles over the last years.

Persons wishing to comment can write to the webmaster of the FISAE site, at
Comments will be posted below.

DEG Answer to Open Letter

The criticism of the artists Hlodec and Martinescu who unfortunately cancelled their membership
with the DEG induced our artist members Prof. Krzysztof Marek Bak and Prof. Katarzyna Handzlik
to write a differentiated reply in form of an open letter. The problems mentioned there seem so
profound to the Board of the DEG that we decided to respond to them and make our answer known
to our members hoping to stimulate a discussion about the question “Quo vadis exlibris?”
Which direction will the art of ex libris go”?
The DEG lives from its members and for them. Members in their majority are bookplate collectors,
furthermore there are a number of artists and finally corporate bodies like libraries. They all are
concerned with the art of ex libris, and to promote this art is a major goal of the DEG.
It must also be stated that in the history of the bookplate there has always been a bookplate market:
Collectors commission bookplates with artists and pay for them; they also buy bookplate from antiquarians.
Prices are determined by the laws of the market, by offer and demand. Artists whose work is appreciated
will have more commissions and raise higher prices than others.
The authors of the open letter refer to questions of the state of bookplates and of the organization of
Their first point is the small number of bookplates compared to “illustrations, large format prints,
art books, drawings and painting” that had been displayed at the meeting.
They forget that in the collectors’ bags there had been hundreds of bookplates. One must
consider that many collectors were and still are bibliophiles who are not only interested in
bookplates only but also in illustrated books. And then there are many bookplate collectors
who also collect free graphics. And artists do not want to sell only bookplates.
The next point refers to large format ex libris which they find absurd in regard to the
original function of the bookplate as mark of ownership. Many collectors that feel committed
to the traditional bookplates see it the same way. The DEG organized the competition,
"The book-adequate ex libris" where we limited the size of plates. The result can be seen in a
The question of bookplates for use in books versus luxury bookplates has been discussed
since the early 20th century and throughout the history of the bookplate movement. In the 1920s
already “luxury ex libris” were made with sizes that could surpass DIN A4. Even if the formal
criteria for a plate to be used in books may limit the size to “book-adequate”, if collectors are
enthused by large format collectors’ bookplates we will not be able to prevent them from having
such large plates made. It is understandable when the Polish authors of the letter regret this
development from the perspective of their tradition (Polish bookplates like Russian ones have
traditionally been very small see Jacubowski and Szumarski).
The problem of wrong information about the techniques of a plate that the authors analyze
next surely is an important one both for collectors as well as for the bookplate market, and has
to be solved. Our member Rudolf Rieß already wrote about it in the Mitteilungen 2007/1 in his
article Mogelpackungen (Sham packages). It cannot be accepted that collectors or owners
commissioning graphics either from ignorance or with the intention to deceive are cheated.
Admittedly, looking at the development the printing technologies have taken, this has become
a rather complex and complicated matter (as can be seen from the information on computer-
generated graphics in the Mitteilungen and on our homepage). Clarity in the nomenclature of a
respective technique, particularly with regard to innovations, can only be achieved by knowledgeable
experts in cooperation with FISAE. The DEG should try to initiate such a procedure. At the same time
artists who unknowingly give wrong information about a technique they use should be instructed as to
how to do it properly. Those artists who deliberately deceive should be warned and if need be stopped
by information to members.
The next problems the authors turn to are the level and the themes of the ex libris that could be seen
at the meeting. They complain especially about a lack of taste and the increase of pornographic
bookplates. Taste with regard to aesthetic products is a highly subjective and complex matter.
One cannot compel people to share a particular taste, but one could for instance with a bookplate
of the month on the homepage by pointing out peculiarities of style and technique contribute to
widening of the knowledge about the development of images and the aesthetics of bookplates.
Pornographic bookplates were created by artists like Bayros already at 1900. From other well-known
bookplate artists of the 1920ies like Helfenbein we know pornographic ex libris, too. In those days,
these were not shown publicly and obviously were exchanged “under the table”. Later publications
on the erotic bookplate shun a clear distinction of which plates are pornographic and which not.
Considering the series that demonstrate the many options of sexual activities it should not be too
difficult to arrive at unambiguous definitions. For many collectors such plates might be repulsive.
But there seems to be a growing number of collectors who find such plates attractive. As long
as they do not act against the law a society cannot forbid a member to commission pornographic
ex libris or to collect them. The authors themselves refer to the tradition of Japanese woodcuts
in the 19th century. Thos who participated in the FISAE Congress at Nyon could see in one of the
exhibitions that female artists, too, can compete in this field.
The authors very critically comment on the quality of the exhibits of this year’s artist/owner
competition. Surely, our competition cannot be compared to the Polish one in Malbork. The exhibits
are selected beforehand from a large number of plates by a jury. We are happy when enough
plates are handed in for an exhibition. Still, we have to think about the quality and what kind
of graphics are handed in to possibly find measures to improve the quality of what’s being offered.
As Board of the DEG we cannot exert any censorship or prescribe anything to collectors or artists,
(with regard to subject matter), but we can stimulate discussions to make people more knowledgeable
of the diversity of our field.
We thank the authors of the letter for their thought-provoking impulses and their constructive
suggestions like creating a kind of exemplary catalogue (Our annual gift Deutsche Exlibriskunst
vom Jugendstil bis heute already went a little in this direction.
We are looking forward to what our members will say to these questions.



News from Buenos Aires...

Just after a major exhibition of ex-libris in the National Library from the 26,000-strong collection of María Magdalena Otamendi de Olaciregui, bequeathed to the library when she died, the
historian and collector Bernardo Lozier Almazan published a volume entitled "Ex libris. Su Misteriosa Seducción. Una aproximación al mundo de los bibliófilos y coleccionistas".


International Journal of Ex-libris (EX-LIBRIST)
Istanbul Ex-libris Society

Dear Colleagues,

EX-LIBRSIT International Journal of Ex-libris (IJE) welcomes the submission of manuscripts involving exlibris issues.
EX-LIBRIST is a multidisciplinary journal published three issues annually by Istanbul Ex-libris Society, focusing attention on ex-libris.
The journal has a double blind peer review process. 
We invite you to submit your manuscripts by being member of our journal from our web page ( for publication in the next issue.
The authors are regularly informed about the process on their manuscript. The feedbacks from referees are received minimum 8 weeks of submission.
After the acceptance, the paper is published in the following issue. Instruction for authors and other details are available in the website.
You may also send thesis studies relevant to the subject areas of EX-LIBRIST.
All EX-LIBRIST issues can be accessed online for free from our website.

Invitation for Reviewers
We are kindly inviting you to take part as members of our review team.
If you are interested in being a reviewer for manuscripts, please send us your CV (Curriculum Vitae) including your interest areas in ex-libris studies to 




There is an amazing selection of British, American and Continental European exlibris being offered for sale online in February by the Bookplate Society. 
Participation is open to collectors whether or not they are members of one of the numerous bookplate societies worldwide. 
Images of all the items on offer, and details of how to register in order to take part, can be found at
Look also at!



The Italian wood engraver Eugenio Mario Raffo (1904-1994) will take place in the city of the artist, Sestri Levante (Italy), from 5th to 14th December, 2014. The exhibition, titled "Eugenio Mario Raffo - L'Operaio Xilografo" (Eugenio Mario Raffo - The Workman/Engraver) will be held in the "Carlo Bo" Room of the Fascie-Rossi Palace.
More than 200 artworks (Ex Libris, but not only) and many documents related to Raffo's artistic carreer will be displayed. Raffo produced hundreds of Ex Libris during his carreer, many of which dedicated to the most important Italian collectors, from Gianni Mantero to Giuseppe Cauti, from Remo Palmirani to Mario De Filippis.



Catching up a lot of lost time... Here is a report from Jos van Waterschoot on the Guangzhou congress last year... and a link to info about the next one...

2nd International Exlibris  and  Small Graphics Biannual in Guangzhou (China )

The Chinese town of Guangzhou held a Graphic Biannual from the 13th of November until and including the 15th of November 2012, organized by the Exlibris club of the Chinese artist association  in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts at Guangzhou.

During our visit to this manifestation, I was again confronted with the fact that the future of the  Bookplate lies in China.
Grand and  vivacious: that is my impression  of the three days when I experienced the whole thing at the Biannual in the subtropical Chinese town.

First of all I like to mention the imposing exhibition of exlibris and other small graphic work in the brand new academy museum(!.).
For the exlibris exhibition 383 artists entered their work and  small graphics was represented by 439 artists.
Most of the entrants came from China.

Notable is the entry of the three prize winners, Konstantin Kalinovch, Li Xiaoguang and Todor Ovcharov from Bulgaria, not only did they drew the attention by their technical and substantive high level, but also by the  book friendly format.
Alongside the bookplates of Konstantin Kalinovich and Todor Ovcharov with the aesthetic design and caliber, the exlibris of Li Xiaoguang  stands out by its uncomplicated woodcut technique  and humorous tenor. Very accessible.
What also drew my attention  was the mysterious  workmanship of the Chinese female artist Chen Xiaofeng.. Her delicate, colourful woodcuts, printed with the mokuhan-technic are a joy to the eye.
A few Dutch exlibris collectors , meanwhile,have given her a commission.

Viewing the exhibition was a feast for the eyes. Every print  had its own frame and the  entire exhibition collection  was able to be optimally viewed because of the beautiful direct natural light of the new museum.
Striking was the large amount of young visitors, who at my request gladly gave their comments on a picture or started a conversation about graphic art.
Both the exlibris exhibition and the small- graphic exposition is laid down in a neat catalogue each over one hundred and fifty pages. Every attending graphic artist is represented  with at least one of his/her work in the catalogue. This offers the possibility of  subsequently  taking another nuanced look and compare individual prints .

The opening of the biannual took place on the 14th of November in the museum,  in the presence of many invitees , representing regional politics and the arts. Including my wife Agaath, who gave her opening speech. During the same afternoon , I gave a lecture to a numerous auditory about the history of exlibris in Europe. With the use of extensive Power Point, I was able to inform my audience about the bookplate from the middle ages to the present. Guo Man,  also called Faith, being a conversant and accomplished translator, made sure that my text came across to the audience outstandingly. For me it was a special experience, to   give again, after nine years a history lesson lasting well over an hour. From the questions asked afterwards , I deduced that the presentation had come across accordingly.  All good for the heart of a teacher.

On Thursday,  in the big hall of the museum, there was the opportunity to exchange. The collectors were mostly artists, who eagerly exchanged their work  for bookplates of  well known European artists. Beside this they also enjoyed getting commissions.  Consequently, in the near future , you will find in our   collections of exlibris  in  our own name, again more Chinese exlibris. Hopefully there will be an exlibris made by the Chinese artist  Qiu Guilan , who creates in her lithographs  a magical atmosphere by monumental composition and  a remarkable, dark colour nuance. She says about her work, that it creates the possibility  for her to depict silence and  solitude. ‘I like listening to music, thinking and drawing alone. I like the solitude and feel comfortable when I am doing so’, she later on writes to me .

The Thursday finished  with a festive closing dinner.
On Friday we visited Shan Wei, situated on the coast north of Hong Kong.
There we attended the opening of the regional Zhong Guo Shan Wei Exlibris Exhibition and in the company of many interested young people we viewed the exposition. This exhibition was also represented in a nice catalogue with hundred pages and three hundred images. This is how the quality of the recent Chinese exlibris is being presented , as  being offered to you on a small tray.

Both the biannual in Guangzhou and the exhibition in Shan Wei were to my wife  and I like a exlibris feast. Although it isn’t close to home, it’s well worth it. Those who would like to see the crème de la crème of the exlibris art,  will have to focus their gaze to the east.

Jos Waterschoot

and read about the next one in



Four publications which have arrived recently and which are to be noted - two italian, and two from Shanghai:

ital2The life and work of Boccacio, illustrated by ex-libris. A good selection...


Ital01Flight and reality in bookplates, selected by Gian Carlo Torre

The books above can be purchased from Giancarlo Torre[]

SFSE01The Shanghai Fuxianzhai Exlibris Society, 3rd publication 2013


SFSE02Ju Qi Cup Exlibris exhibition in Shanghai, 2013

The books above can be purchased from the Shanghai society, at www.fuxianzhai. com



A book! Mariano Casas, who will be our host in Tarragona in two years' time at the next FISAE Congress has sent me a publication he brought out in 2006, entitled " Bookplates - are they manifestations of vanity?". Richly illustrated, this volume raises many questions... which maybe Mariano will answer at the next FISAE Congress, as he will be our host in Tarragona!



Today, in my letterbox, two newsletters arrived and I wanted to share them with you

The first is the Nippon Exlibris Association Newsletter No. 157 (July 2012), which arrived with its translation and six original plates by Motoi Yanagida, Junko Ogawa, Mitsuru Nagashima, Yoshiaki Hara, Yoichiro Homma and Masayuki Yoshimoto. As always, sensitive, colourful, delicate...


The second is 'Obvestila', the letter sent faithfully by Rajko Pavlovec...If a reader has mr. Pavlovec' e-mail, I would be grateful if it could be sent to me...



Silvana editoriale has just published an excellent volume on Italian woodcuts 1912-2012. For ex-libris collectors it is a must, as it has brief but substantial biographies of all major artists in this field - Zetti, Brumanti, Marangoni and many many others. It can be obtained from Gian Carlo Torre,



Marco Franzetti has just sent me a link to some images of the Bodio Lomnago Congress of last May. Here is the link: Go to 'Eventi' and to 'Premiazione Concorso exlibris'... Enjoy!


Two new publications!Bodio photos


Andrew Peake, who has been observing bookplates a long time from 'down under', has given a fascinating insight as to his angle on ex-lbris. You can easily buy a copy directly from the author by sending him an e-mail at


A wonderful overview of nearly twenty years' existence of the Norwegian society, by Leif-Johan Igeltorp, well illustrated and with summaries in English, French and German. Can be obtained directly from the author at . Leif-Johan is also looking for a folder of ex-libris which the Norwegian Society sold in 1954, of ex-libris for libraries in Norway... Could someone who has it please contact him!


Due to your webmaster's negligence, I am several months late in posting the photograph and short bio of our friend Klaus Thoms, who has succeeded Gernot Blum as President of the DEG We wish him much energy and happiness in serving the interest of exlibris and of his society - and to Dr Blum a well-deserved 'Ruhestand'!


Klaus Thoms (b. 1942) studied from 1962 to 1968 and became a psychologist and psychotherapist. He was also trained as a obstetrician. From 1968 - 2004 he was director of a counseling service for children, adolescents and adults, and the School Psychological Service (1977 - 1983). For 35 years he taught at a school for special education in Xanten. Thoms was until 2011 Chairman of the Art Association of Gelderland. 1990 - 2012 he was Vice President of the German ex-libris Society (DEG), since 2012 president. He is the managing editor of the "Mitteilungen" and the website. Self-taught, he created approximately 20 bookplates (CGD, X1)


The Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo is opening an exhibition of bookplates entitled 'Furio di Denaro, the well-tempered burin'. Everyone welcome!



Our dear friend Jack van Peer, president of Graphia, has sent two texts which I attach. The first is an appeal to FISAE to try and set guidelines as to what distinguishes ex-libris from free graphics (many will remember the discussion on this subject which took place in Istanbul). The second is an assessment of FISAE Congresses and how they could be improved.

The first document can be opened here; the second one here

Persons wishing to comment can either contact Jack directly (his e-mail is on the Graphia page) or your webmaster at


The Yale University Library has a large collection of ex-libris (over a million) and the archivist in charge of the collection, Molly Dotson, has just opened an exhibition entitled [Your name here!: the Ex-libris and image making which opened April 30th and will run through to August 17th, 2012 at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, 180 York Street, New Haven, CT.

The Yale ex-libris collection is not a singular entity; rather, its holdings comprise many different collections and an assortment of documentary materials. It is a unique visual archive that forms a timeline of the history and the art of the ex-libris. Moreover, the collection serves as a significant resource for the study of bookplates as well as that of biography and histories of the book, art and design, and collecting. In addition to bookplates, the selections on view include process materials, original sketches, correspondence, publications, and other related printed ephemera.

Molly Dotson, Bookplate Project Archivist in the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, can be contacted at or at (203) 432-7074.

The exhibit will be on view until August 17. It is free and open to the public. A current Yale ID (with a prox chip) is required to enter the Haas Family Arts Library during all regular business hours. Non-Yale visitors are also welcome and can gain access to the Library through the security guard in the Loria Center entrance hall.


Un viaggio a Italia... Don't miss the First Bodio Lomnago Congress, which will take place in Northern Italy the 12th and 13th of May, just after the German DEG congress which this year will be on May 03 - 06 in Grassau / Chiemgau... It will also be the Annual Congress of the Italian Bookplate Association, and as none has taken plave for quite a while, there will be many important Italian collectors who will be available for exchanges and interested in commissioning ex-libris... All the information on the venue can be found here, and the inscription form is available here.

6.01.12 Happy New Year!!!

A new publication from the British Museum:


The author of this pleasant little volume (19 x 17 cm, 111 pages) is a freelance critic and writer and former curator of prints at the University of Glasgow. It draws on the wonderfully rich collection of the British Museum and centres on the 1875-1950 period. It mostly contains British ex-libris but also a strong smattering of foreign (especially German) ones, and there are plentiful discoveries to be made! Foreign collectors tend to consider British bookplates boring, but these are far from dull! There are a few questionable inclusions, such as Beardsley's plate for Olive Custance (more research needs to be done on the subject), but on the whole the book is sound and well worth acquiring.

This volume also has the merit of allowing one to situate British bookplates within the wider context of European ex-libris during the 'modern' period. On the other hand, it fails to deal with contemporary bookplates, and this is symptomatic of the absence of vitality and the sluggishness of the British bookplate scene today. There are many members of the Bookplate Society who collect and research historical bookplates, and still a few artists who with great talent can produce superb wood-engraved plates for bibliophiles to paste into their books. But there are less than half-a-dozen collectors of contemporary plates, and what goes on in the rest of the world is unheeded in Britain. On page 109, the author gives some indications as to further reading - but they are dismally insufficient!

One must hope that the Bookplate Society finds the energy and resources to revitalise the art of bookplates in Britain, especially through competitions and congresses. Otherwise Mr. Hopkinson's volume will mark the end of ex-libris creation in Britain.

The volume can be ordered from the British Museum and costs £9.99. please visit


The Congress of the Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai ex-libris society, last month, was a wonderful experience. Please click here for a full description of the event! Images will be added in a few days...


Ferenc Keresi has just posted on Facebook images of practically all the ex-libris of Franz von Bayros 2and it is useful to be able to consult them on line. The page is Printmakers International, and worth browsing through!


Our friends from the German DEG have just brought out the catalogue of their 2011 competition on The Book-adequate bookplate, and it can be obtained from the society at a price of 10 EUR (including shipping!). Don't hesitate to contact
The catalogue shows that it is possible for artists to express themselves beautifully and intelligently in a small format, which can really be pasted into books. One suddenly remembers that these are "book plates" i. e. small graphics made to identify the owner of a book into which it is pasted!!!



Cristiano Beccaletto is opening on the 9th of July an exhibition at the Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo, in Ortona, an exhibition a exhibition on 'The Mediterranean dream in the bookplates of Vincenzo Piazza'... Anyone near Ortona this Summer should make the detour to see the show, as Piazza is without doubt one of the best engravers in Italy today. More information at


The Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai is very productive!!! I just received their latest publications - the last issue of their magazine for 2010, the first two of 2011 (the latest is illustrated below) and a superb book on the bookplates of Katsunori Hamanishi. All this with an invitation to participate in a competition for collectors - the San Min Cup about which information will be posted on the competitions page. Bravo to this 'young' member society of FISAE!

Membership to the SFXZ costs 50 Eur and is really worth it! Payment is easy... get the info from




The former president of the Swiss Exlibris Club and friend Josef Burch has organised an exhibition on 'Children's worlds in bookplates' which is open in the Historical Museum of Sarnen (Switzerland) until July 31st 2011. an article was published with an interview of Josef... happy reading to Germanophones!



A Brazilian collector of ex-libris just asked me how to remove old mounts (paper, cardboard) on which bookplates have been pasted. Below is my answer, but I wonder if anybody could send him additional advice (Luiz Felipe P. Stelling []) and copy me at benoit.junod@akdn.

As to ‘lifting’ ex-libris from old paper or cardboard supports:
First check that there are no inscriptions in ink on the plate or support. Take a shallow tray, and fill it with distilled water (rather than tap water). Insert the plate and its support face down into the water, avoiding bubbles on the surface, and let it macerate for about 2-3 hours (maybe less if the bookplate is printed on fine Japan paper). According to the thickness of the ex-libris and the porosity of the paper, it will take a longer or shorter period of time for the bookplate to detach itself from the support. Do NOT try and pull it off if it doesn’t come loose by itself... leave it for longer. If after soaking for a whole night it still doesn’t come off, it’s because the glue is an insoluble one, and you’d better give up, unless the support paper can be peeled off and leave just the insoluble glue on the back of the ex-libris. Take the ex-libris and put it face down on a good, white blotting paper, and let it dry well (don’t put it between two sheets of blotting paper, or the remnants of glue will stick to the blotting paper and you’ll be back to square one!). Press it flat between two sheets of blotting paper in a press or under a pile of books for a few days. This process will also clean the ex-libris from surface dirt; if there are stains and they don’t disappear with the distilled water, soak it for a little while in a liter of distilled water to which you might add a soup spoon of peroxide (H2O2). Most brown stains or watermarks will disappear and the plate will be clean. Rinse the plate in distilled water before drying it...
This is a slow process, but for good ex-libris it is really useful - but beware of modern ex-libris with hand-colouring! Keep an eye on the plate as it ‘detaches’ from the support paper, as I have come across examples where there were inscriptions on the reverse of the bookplate which if left too long in water would have faded.


The two-volume catalogue of Eros & Thanatos was ready for the opening of the first exhibition of the best works from the competition, at the Castle of Nyon, close to Geneva. One volume is dedicated to the best erotic plates, and one to the best Eros & Thanatos. Both contain an introductory section with historical ex-libris on both subjects, and articles by Pierre-Yves Lador (a Swiss writer and historian), Michel Froidevaux (director of the FINALE erotic art foundation, Lausanne) and Benoît Junod, your favourite webmaster...


The volumes are 24 x 16.5 cm and contain 94 and 96 pages... with full colour illustrations. The books were designed by Marijena Junod. The two volumes are held together by a sleeve, and close with ribbons.

eros03 eros04

The two volumes cost 49 Swiss Francs (€ 36.30) TOGETHER!, plus postage and packing. The best is to visit the web site of Michel Froidevaux, from which the book can be ordered and paid by Paypal. They are sent immediately after being ordered.

OOOhh, of course! You MUST be over 18 to order the books... and the only exceptions are the ones made for Ichigoro Uchida and Lars Stolt!!!


A visit to St. Petersburg is always a pleasure, but this time it was also a surprise! I met Vladimir Vereschagin and we went to see a major exhibition of ex-libris by artists from the region, at the Gallery of the Lermontov library, in the city centre. This public institution has as mission to promote all aspects of the arts of the book and literature. It has three contiguous exhibition areas and the space (total 250m2) is used for exhibitions of rare and collectors’ books, illustration, applied graphic arts such as typography and typefaces, contemporary art based on literature, artists’ books… and ex-libris! The library develops its own collection of graphic works and fine books, and also organizes lectures and workshops for graphic arts.

View of the first gallery

The director of the gallery part of the library is a dynamic young woman called Natasha Ergens, and she has so far organized  half a dozen exhibitions of which the first in the field of bookplates opened on February 10 and will last until March 11, 2011, showing close to 200 works of 50 artists of St. Petersburg, of which many are great masters in the field and winners of bookplate competitions worldwide. The image below shows some of them at the opening:

From left to right: Front  row- Valery Babanov, Yury Borovitsky, Natasha Ergens, Kiril Avelev (collector), Oleg Yakhnin (behind), Vladimir Vereschagin (in front)
2nd row- Valery Orlov, another Valery Orlov (!) ,Victor Permyakov, ?, Tamara Romanova, Elena Pertova, Marina and Sergey Tyukanov, ?, Pitchugin, Nina Kazimova, Evgeny Blumkin, Yury Brehov, Kabanin (tall!), Yury Kazimov (with glasses), ...  from the right side  Nikolay Sautin and his wife ...

Natasha Ergens is enthusiastic about organizing more shows of bookplates. “The culture of bookplates has existed in Russia for several centuries. But now the tradition to mark the books of a library has faded and rubber stamps are mostly used. Now ex-libris exist mainly as a personalized art of graphic miniature, interesting for collectors and bibliophiles. Collectors are starting to reintroduce the practice of pasting them into their favorite books, making their library more beautiful and precious, and also exchanging them with other collectors.”

Left to right, Benoit Junod, Natasha Ergens, Vladimir Vereschagin and Pavel Pitchugin



News from Italy... Paolo Rovegno has a new website with illustrations of his work... go and visit


Not going to the Congress in Istanbul?

What a mistake!!! It's going to be fabulous. But at least, even if you can't afford the ticket or think that the trip is too long, or are (mistakenly) wary of Turkish cuisine, or afraid of being raped by belly-dancers, at least you can buy online the superb catalogues made by Hasip Pektas and his team!!!

As Hasip puts it: Catalogues are ready. Do you want to see?

Link of the 33. FISAE International Ex-libris Competition Catalogue

Link of the International Ex-libris Collections Catalogue

Link of the Bogdan Krsic's Ex-libris Catalogue

If you want to buy the catalogue you have to transfer it's fee by MoneyGram to Hasip Pektas. ( And sent reference number to
or transfer to Akbank Maslak Branch Account Name: Istanbul Ekslibris Dernegi Swift Code: AKBKTRIS IBAN: TR900004600645036000092044
The fee of the Competition Catalogue is EURO 30, the Collections Catalogue is EURO 30, the Bogdan Krsic Catalogue is EURO 20 (ingluding postage charges)
P.S.: If your ex-libris is in it, catalogue will be sent to you without fee

... and of course, if you come to the Congress, they are MUCH cheaper!!!


Please look at the page in this site dedicated to the next FISAE congress... you will be able to consult the final version of the Agenda for the Delegates' meeting!


News from Argentina

... From April 23rd until May 7th, the Casal de Catalunya in the quarter of San Telmo, Buenos Aires, is showing an exhibition called "Hidden Treasures: Ex-libris as bridges between cultures". The show puts in dialogue engravers of ex-libris from GADEL (Marcelo Aguilar, Juan Bértola, Eduardo Campello, Alejandra Leyes, Eva Farji, Osvaldo Jalil, Sandra La Porta, Marcela Miranda, Gladys Muñoz, Fernando Polito, Anteo Scordamaglia, Julieta Warman) with Catalan artists who immigrated into Argentina from Cataluña in the 19th Century (Pompeyo Audivert, Emilo Bertrand. Francesc Fábregas i Pujadas, Lluis Macaya) and modern Catalan artists: Frank Alpresa, Jaume Carbonell, Oriol Diví, Francesc Orenes i Navarro, Josep Triadó.

Congratulations to GADEL for this innovative idea... If only there were a catalogue!


An invitation from AFCEL... they are having a bookplate exhibition from 5th to 27th March 2010 at the Médiathèque of Maizières-les-Metz... with a conference on women in bookplates.


Going to China soon? If you go to Tianjin, don't miss the exhibition of Martin Baeyens' "Duo" show. Martin put his work in dialogue with that of six Chinese artists, and they made four-handed ex-libris which are very, very interesting! Let's hope he also shows the project in Europe...


After a tremendous amount of work, and terrible setbacks such as the theft of his laptop with huge amounts of work on it, Anthony Pincott has at last finished the digital catalogue of the Franks collection at the British Museum. It is downloadable FREE OF CHARGE! This is a real gift, as this key work is one which every collector of British bookplates should have! Go and visit On the site, in the Members' area, you will find also an auction of bookplates... where the prices are a mere fraction of what you see on e-bay!


There is a new page of ex-libris sales at  Go and check it out!


The Hungarian ex-libris association has a new website... Please go to


The Suomen Exlibrisyhdistys/Finnish Exlibris Association is presenting an exhibition of Belgian bookplate portofolios at the gallery of the city library of Helsinki in Itä-Pasila. The vernissage will be at the 8th of January 2010 and the exhibition will be open untill the end of January. It was conceived by Arja Laakkonen (secretary of Finnish Exlibris Association) and Niklas Bengtsson (vice president of the association).

The exhibition is based on bookplate portfolios published by the Antwerpsche ex-libriskring. This Belgian association was founded in 1937 and according to the catalogues of the Belgian Royal Library it published portfolios until 1960. In the archives of the Finnish Exlibris Association there are portfolios from 1948 to 1960. The exhibition will be based on these portfolios. Click here to see an example...

These portfolios include bookplates and other graphic works by Belgian and foreign artists, for example by Dutch Cor de Wolff (1889-1963), Belgian Victor Stuyvaert (1897-1974) and Gerard Gauden (1927-2003). Artists presented in the portfolios were not important only in Belgium but also at an international level – for example in 2003 Frank-Ivo van Damme (1932-) was awarded an Albin Brunovsky Certificate by FISAE, which shows his international excellence in bookplate design.

At the opening seremony, a new book on ex-libris will be presented, called Exlibris- ja kuvasalkkujen elämäkertoja (Biographies of bookplate and art portfolios), which also has a chapter concerning the portfolios of the Antwerpsche ex-libriskring. This book is written by Niklas Bengtsson and published by the Finnish Exlibris Association.


As most of you will have guessed, from over three months without updates to the website, I have been really swamped with work. Mea culpa! I didn't inform you abour a splendid exhibition of ex-libris on the theme of wine, organised by Gian Carlo Torre. See the attached leaflet!


I have received an e-mail from Daniela Hartl-Heisan, a young Austrian artist who is interested in ex-libris and has a web site promoting them as well as her designs in this field. Go and visit her site at !


Giancarlo Torre has organised an  exhibition of music-related ex-libris in the Italian town of Castello. Now, when I looked up Castello, I found that there were 30 towns of that name in Italy! Giancarlo than gave me more precise information, that it is Castello in Umbria... and I discovered that there are four Castello in Umbria! Further research made me conclude that it is the Città di Castello ("castle town")  in the province of Perugia, in the northern part of the Umbria region of Italy. It is situated on a slope of the Apennines, on the flood plain of the river Tiber. The city is 56 km north of Perugia and 104 km south of Cesena on the S3bis. It is connected to the A1 highway by the SS 73 from Arezzo.... DON'T MISS IT !!! The exhibition will be open from 22 August to 6 September...


Apologies for the long silence... The Finnish Ex-libris Society (the one which is not Aboensis!) has a new website which I invite you to visit at

I can only hope that our friend Olli Ylonen will find time to make an English version...


Please note that the dates of the Yaroslavl Congress have been advanced by two days to 16-19 May 2009.


I have just received a heart-warming e-mail from Ms Christine Downer in Victoria, Australia. She asks me to inform readers that she is a volunteer working on a collection of approximately 30,000 bookplates by international artists, which was formed after Mr and Mrs John Gartner lost everything in terrible bush fires in Victoria in 1983. Many of us remember the Gartner's terrible ordeal.

The collection is now in the State Library of Victoria. It is being stored in archival conditions, and listing and cataloguing is proceeding. The Library's original bookplate collection started with a small collection of armorial book plates selected by the Library's founder, Redmond Barry, before 1880.

Another smaller collection was added in the 1920s, with plates by artists admired, collected and published by Richard Braungart.

The Collection is now in the public domain, and will be made available for consultation upon application. Persons interested can either contact the library directly, or else through Mrs Downer, P.O. Box 427, East Melbourne 3002, Victoria, Australia. email:


Congratulations to our dear friend Ichigoro Uchida who has the honour to preside the Nippon Exlibris Association! And also to Yoshinari Suehiro who has taken on the task of editor of the society journal.


Please note that the new address of the Exlibriswereld site is and the e-mail of the secretariat is


The Hungarian artist Ferenc Keresi kindly sent me a link to a new website of Hungarian ex-libris artists, which you can visit by clicking on . Although Hungarian is not an easy language, if you click on the names of the artists, you open their sites and some have English versions. An excellent initiative which hopefully will make the artists from this country better known!


After a long silence, the Lithuanian Exlibris Club seems to be active and has organised, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Cultural Centre in the Netherlands, a Lithuanian Ex-libris Exhibition, which will open at 19.00h on February 5th at the Goethe Institut of Rotterdam (Westersingel 9, Rotterdam). Below are examples of two of the bookplates which will be on show:


                    (click on the images to enlarge - you will be able to see the signature and date!)

The exhibition will be open until 13 March 2009. I am sure that the organisers will be happy to see a large number of ex-libris enthusiasts at the opening! As many of you know, Lithuania has a long and fertile tradition of bookplates and many outstanding artists working in this field. More information on the show can be obtained from Saule Gaižauskaitė at the Lithuanian Cultural Centre, , tel. +31(0)6 135 73 046


The Italian artist Roberta Angiolani has just remodelled her web site and added a section on her ex-libris. Please visit it at


Happy New Year, dear ex-libris friends, and may 2009 bring you a snowstorm of new bookplates, just the ones you were looking for!

And may the New Year bring you the conviction, which so many of us already share, that the most important feature of our hobby is the friendships it brings!


Our Finnish friends came to Beijing in an over 20-person strong delegation - as you can see from the cover of issue 3/08 of the Exlibris Aboensis magazine below!

It bears proudly a blue banner saying that the 2012 FISAE Ex-libris Congress will be in Finland, as was proposed by the president Tauno Piiroinen in Beijing. We all wish our Finnish friends great success with the preparation of the Congress. Even if they have nearly four years ahead for their preparations, it is a daunting task - but they have over 500 members, and I know that moreover they can count on the cooperation of their Finnish sister-society, Suomen Exlibrisyhdistys. My hope, personally, is that the Naantali Congress will be a bridge between ALL bookplate collectors and enthusiasts, in particular between those for whom a congress is solely a place for exchange of small original graphics, and all the others for whom the fascination of ex-libris comes from their history, their owners and artists, their style and origin, whatever their size or technique.

This issue of Exlibris Aboensis contains as a contribution to Beijing participants a booklet with a worklist of the Finnish artist Raimo Kanerva (1941-1999) whose original and imaginative bookplates brought him many awards.


Jean-François Chassaing has blogged! A brilliant idea... instead of the tedious task of sending an electronic newsletter to all AFCEL members and fans, he has created an AFCEL blog, of which the url is  . You can become an 'abonné fidèle' (faithful customer) by clicking on the front page and filling in a Google-blogger form in German... Hopefully, the system will be simplyfied, and meanwhile, go and AFCEL-blog regularly!


If you want to know more about the German Ex-libris Congress in Wiesbaden in 2009, go to and click on the right name...


I nearly missed an event: Hasip Pektas opened an exhibition of his ex-libris the day before yesterday (and it's open until December 30), at the Grafik Bölümleri Iletisim Grubu, Maltepe Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi İç avlu, Marmara Eğitim Köyü, Maltepe, Turkey. For those of you who might be in Istanbul in the course of this month, take the E80 motorway in direction of Ankara, cross over into Asia and about 8 km further you will see indications to turn right to Maltepe. If you get lost, telephone Hasip... +90 216 470 9292...


Our Argentine friends are still close to Xylon and the web site of this organisation,, continues to give information on bookplate activities in Buenos Aires and the region. However, Osvaldo Jalil, who is in many regards the 'engine' of the ex-libris group in Argentina has just created a new GADEL Blog which well deserves your visit. It can be seen at You will see that GADEL has organised a show of the Myths and Legends competition, as well as one of bookplates by the Hungarian artist Imre Szilagyi, and they are enjoying themselves!


A quick note to tell anyone who is close to Milano next week: the exhibition organised by Gian Carlo Torre, La Montagna incartata (the mountain wrapped up in paper) will open at 17.00h on Saturday December 6 at the Villa Sottocasa in Vimercate (about 45 minutes' drive, northeast of Milan).

A book by Gian Carlo Torre corresponds to the exhibition and is one of the best publications I have seen on ex-libris in recent years:

It looks at all aspects of the triangular relation book - ex-libris - mountain, and the well- chosen texts are both in Italian and English (summaries in a few cases). The book can be obtained directly from the author,


I have just received the 15th electronic monthly bulletin of AFCEL from Jean-François Chassaing, which contains a large quantity of information on prints exhibitions and competitions, which can be useful especially for artists. One regrets that only very few of these are ex-libris-oriented activities. Should someone wish to receive it, they can ask for it by e-mail to


There are few people in the ex-libris world whom I admire more than my good friend Klaus Roedel. Organiser of three FISAE congresses, artisan of the Frederikshavn Museum with its over-a-million ex-libris collection, researcher on bookplates and publisher of countless books and monographies on the subject, he has been for many years the guiding light of the Dansk Exlibris Selskab and editor of the Nordisk Exlibris Tidsskrift.

But... some five years ago, when I started this web site, Klaus and his dynamic treasurer Helge Larsen told me... yes, our web site is under construction! Whenever I asked Klaus about basic figures of the DES, he would say that Helge would give them to me... and that the web site was about to go on line. I finished by giving up, and waited patiently for the web site to be born, after a gestation period three times longer than an elephant's... AND IT HAPPENED! The web site is on line and can be visited at .

One can regret that there is not an English version of the site available, or a German one (Klaus' German is perfect). I am sure that Klaus will tell us that it is under construction.

Perhaps one small addition to the site will be necessary: a recognition of the authorship of the ex-libris of which elements are used in the title banners of the site pages... They are by Martin Baeyens, and are bookplates for Bettina Burch, Wouter van Gysel and Vassilis Zevgolis. I am sure, of course, that Klaus asked permission of the author to use these images...


We have just received the catalogue of the Enchanted Wood (Bosco Stregato) competition, and you can see its cover by clicking here. It can be ordered from Tomaso Lo Russo, Associazione Solstizio d’Estate, Via Lupiano, 7 - 12050 Bosia (CN) • Tel. 0173/52.92.93 • e-mail:


Osvaldo Jalil from GADEL just sent a message saying that the awards and opening ceremony of the Myths and Legends Competition Exhibition had to be delayed a little for technical reasons. It will take place on Monday 24th November 2008 at 7.00 p.m. at the Fine Arts Museum in Quilmes, Buenos Aires. Any bookplate enthusiasts who happen to be in Buenos Aires are welcome. A catalogue is also being prepared that will be sent to all participants after the contest.

Osvaldo added: "We have received a great amount of works from all over the world because of the collaboration of the FISAE in the diffusion of the event. Thank you very much."


I had a short news update from Jo Kohn, who as you know is the secretary of the Pierre Roberti Circle in Luxemburg. Jo writes that the CPR has been a bit sleepy these last two years, due to health problems of some of the members or of their family. However - during this 'period of rest', as he terms it, five bookplate exhibitions were presented - two at Ettelbruck, one in Mersch and two in Vianden. At the moment , there is an ex-libris show in Ettlebruck for the 50th anniversary of the Agricultural Technical High School. The bookplates selected are those which illustrate the subjects which are taught there - agriculture, gardening, water management and forestry, pisciculture and horticulture.

Bravo, Jo... keep up the fight! If we know the dates beforehand, we can announce the events here - and will do so with pleasure!


Josef Werner is having a one-man show of his graphics from 7 November to 8 December at Galerie Stadtmuseum Weilheim i. OB, Marienplatz 1, 82362 Weilheim, Germany.

This artist is an important creator of ex-libris, and his opuslist in this field can be consulted here, or downloaded as a .pdf by clicking here.


Please note that the general e-mail of the Nippon Exlibris Society has changed to


Within the Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts (IMOGA), the Istanbul Ex-libris Museum was formed on January 8 2008. It is part of the Istanbul Ex-libris Society, and Hasip Pektas presides both institutions. As you will see from the images below, the space is excellent and well equipped.

The nucleus of the collection is formed of the 7,500 ex-libris sent by artists who took part in the 2003 and 2007 Ankara Biennials, as well as the 2,500 items in Hasip Pektas' personal collection, which he donated to the museum. All donations of ex-libris from collectors and institutions will be most welcome!

The address of the Museum is
Ünalan Mah. Barajyolu Sok. No 14,  Üsküdar TR-34700 Istanbul, Turkey. It can be reached by telephone: +90 216 470 92 92 or by e-mail to Hasip Pektas: The Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts has a web site,, and information about the Ex-libris Museum will be added soon.


Thanks to the constant efforts of Martin Baeyens, three exhibitions of bookplates will be on the walls of the Zebrastraat Gallery in Ghent from November 11 until the end of the month. One is an exhibition of the results of the 3rd CGD ex-libris competition, the second is a show of Art Nouveau bookplates from the Sint Niklaas Museum collection, and the third is an exhibition of Martin's ex-libris. For the pleasure of your eyes, here is the poster he designed...


The Argentine artist Muriel Frega just published an excellent article about ex-libris in the digital magazine 'Sacapuntas' (pencil sharpener), and you can download the issue of the magazine at http://www.a- descargas/ sacapuntas017. zip
If you just want the article, I have made a .pdf file of it and you can download it by clicking here. Please be patient as it is a bit heavy! As there is not much being written outside our member societies in Spanish about bookplates, don't hesitate to send it to your Spanish-speaking friends!
Thank you, Muriel!


Gian Carlo Torre in Italy has just sent me information as to his book which will be published soon on Mountain and mountaineering bookplates. An exhibition on the same subject will take place in Genova from October 11 to 31 at the Istituto FASSICOMO, Via Imperiale 41. Further information on opening times, etc. can be obtained from tel. 010- 518651 or

The exhibition will afterwards be shown in Trento, as an homage to the 96-year-old Remo Wolf, one of the great woodcut artists of the bianco-e-nero tradition, who lives there.


The Bookplate Society has a very active website (  Bravo Anthony Pincott!) and there are ex-libris which were bequeathed to the society by Brian North Lee for sale... go to Also, Other pages of bookplates for sale can be found by going to . But of course, if you are a member of the society, there is an auction coming up soon...


Jack van Peer, the President of Graphia, has taken advantage of the 50th anniversary of the well-know magazine to launch a study of membership both of artists and collectors. Hopefully, many people will respond to this inquest, which will allow the Graphia team to adjust the magazine's content to what the readers demand... as well as to publish profiles of artists and collectors in future issues...

What? You have not been sent the questionnaire? Quickly send an e-mail to
and I am sure he will send it to you at once!


Much updating to be done... Our friend Serguey Hrapov has a new web site. Go quickly and take a look at  and be visitor 011012 !!!


What a good surprise! I just received an e-mail from Professor Mark Ferson to ask me to post information as to the New Australian Bookplate Society which was founded in 2006 and counts some 60 members. It issues a full-colour quarterly newsletter. The contact data for the society is listed below and is posted on the 'non-FISAE members' page.

President: Professor Mark Ferson 
Tel. +61 2 9428 2863 Mob. +61 401 141 890

Secretary: Ms Mary Keep 
Address: 4 Sofala Ave, Riverview NSW 2066, Australia

For your information, Prof. Ferson is the Secretary of the Book Collectors' Society of Australia and on the Committee of the Art Deco Society of New South Wales... I would tend to deduce that his interests lie in the bookplate as an effective mark of ownership of books and also as a small work of art!

I would like to welcome on our readers' behalf this new society. It has applied for FISAE membership and hopefully this will be granted at the Beijing Congress.


Italy this summer? Cristiano Beccaletto has curated a show of bookplates by Mariaelisa Leboroni and Lanfranco Lanari which opens on July 12th at 18.00h at the Museo Ex-libris Mediterraneo in Ortona. It will be on until September 10th. The artists will be present at the opening.


Wouter van Gysel has taken a major step in the world of the web and posted his site at . RUSH to visit it... it is very informative, as on his site, he... sells the ex-libris which he has commissioned! I haven't yet had the time to go through all the pages, but prices vary between 10€ for a wood engraving (Vermeylen) to 25€ for his Nozdrin, or Tycz, or an erotic Sugimoto... 35€ for his Denisenko and 65€ for his 'Hamlet' plate by Julian Jordanov.

This new approach is really of great interest. Remo Palmirani, in one of his last publications before he died, criticised severely the primitive system of barter or 'swop' which people use for exchanges. He forecast that with time, collectors would put prices on their bookplates, so you could 'buy' at a known and clear price - as well as sell at a clear price. Each collector would have his system of hierarchies, and the price might be affected by, for example, how many prints the collector (still) has at his disposal.

A step in this direction has also been made by the Istanbul Ex-libris Society, which is selling the 'spare' print from the Ankara Biennial competition on for prices ranging from about 40 to 60€.  E-Bay is also indicating that there are people out there willing to pay very large prices for bookplates, especially erotic ones.

This is all fine and good. But what does this mean for the artist? If a bookplate by Jordanov sells for 60€ and even 100€, who is making money and is it on the back of the artist? Another question is to ask if this is a way to bring in new collectors of ex-libris, or are we going one step further into the realm of small-format graphics? And one cannot avoid asking oneself what effect will this have on artists as to the price of commissioning editions of bookplates?


Jean-François Chassaing has just sent the new web site address of the Morhange engraving gallery, of which he is the artistic advisor. Morhange, in Lorainne, organises a number of exhibitions of engravings every year, and often of artists active in the field of ex-libris. Go and visit 


Those of you who get news on the grapevine will probably know that a major ex-libris earthquake has occurred in Turkey! Fortunately, no dead and no wounded! Our friend Hasip Pektas, who has been the life and soul of the Ankara Ex-libris Society since its founding in 1997, accepted to be the head of the graphics department at Isik University in Istanbul.

So Hasip moved from Ankara to Istanbul. And a few months ago, he registered officially the Istanbul Ex-libris Society, which has incorporated the members of the Ankara society and whose new address and contact numbers can be found on the Turkish Member society's page (click here). An Ex-libris Museum is being created within the University campus, with an excellent exhibition space and facilities.

The kick-back for you and me is that the 33rd International FISAE Congress will take place in Istanbul instead of Ankara. Although I have a soft spot for the capital of Turkey - where I lived nearly four years - there is no doubt that Istanbul is much more attractive. And Hasip has 24 months ahead of him to prepare a FANTASTIC congress for all of us! Bon courage!


A wonderful parcel arrived in my letterbox a short while ago, and I must say it was a delightful surprise: at last, Arkady and Gennady Pugachevsky have a really good publication about their work. You can see the cover of the book by clicking here. Published by the editor Sergey Brodovych in Kiev (Ukraine), with an interesting foreword by Y. E. Berdichevsky (God bless the English summary!), the 170-page full colour book shows a well-printed panorama of the outstanding work of the Pugachevskys, father and son. The variety of themes, the originality and precision of the technique as well as the brilliant approach to making real bookplates, which can adorn any precious book (as well as be the object of assiduous exchanges!) have confirmed the two Ukrainian artists as major figures in our field of interest. Persons wishing to purchase the publication can do so by e-mailing


Argentina and Italy have very special links, as you probably know. But this is a special one: Gian Carlo Torre, the Italian collector and exlibrist, has written an article about the Argentine artist Esteban Grimi in the March issue of GRAPHICUS. Have a look at the title page here, and read the article by clicking on this link.


Dear friends, I thought that you would never have any more updates from the website! Six weeks ago, I suddenly found I could not use my usual programme to make changes, and the problem was with the server which hosts the site. By the time I asked for help, it was my computer hard disk which suddenly crashed in a terrible and definitive manner. Fortunately, much of my data could be saved, but 1.8 Giga of all that which dealt with the Nyon Congress was lost... as well as my programmes, of which the one I used to update the site. As it is not a very modern programme (and therefore perfectly suited to my incapacity) it took a good while to find... and it is only today that everything came back to working normally.

So I have A LOT to catch up!!! Mind you, I was professionally very busy this last month, with the opening of a major exhibition of the Aga Khan's Islamic art collection at the celebrated Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon... where during the official dinner I managed to meet José Vicente de Bragança so to speak, in the flesh. A most enjoyable and memorable occasion - we managed to convince the Museum director to host a historic review of early bookplates, and more on this soon. But enough - I am abusing this site to give personal information!



For those of you who tend to travel in France by car,  go and visit the small town of Avranches in the 'Manche' Department (between Rennes and Caen), where from February 1st to March 30th, AFCEL has organised an exhibition of contemporary ex-libris in the celebrated 'Scriptorium d'Avranches', which is the museum of the famous mediaeval manuscripts of the Mont St.-Michel.


Those of you who are in touch with Hasip Pektas, the President of the Ankara Ex-libris Society, will already know that he has left Hacetteppe University to become the director of the Graphic arts and Design Department of Isik University in Istanbul. Of course, as he is the life and soul of the AED, the society is moving to Istanbul as well, and at you can find all the new addresses.

Your reaction might be: "Oh dear! What will become of the 2010 FISAE Congress, foreseen in Ankara?" Well, be reassured! Isik University has a wonderful campus in Istanbul, and the institution is very dynamic (see Moreover, the Dean of the Arts Faculty is none other than Suleyman Saim Tekcan, who is a member of AED, a well-known print artist and a member of the Jury in both ex-libris biennials of the AED. He and Hasip have already started preparing detailed information on how the Congress will be organised in Istanbul - a city which, moreover, has much more of interest to offer that the capital of Turkey... This information will be sent to all member societies before the Beijing Congress.

We wish Hasip and all 150 members of the society much luck and success in their new location, and that they prepare a wonderful Congress for us in two years' time!


Most of you already know that Graphia will celebrate its 50 years of existence with a Jubilee Congress which will take place in Sint Niklaas on April 11-12-13 2008. The address is : Hotel Serwir, Koningin Astridlaan 57 te B-9100Sint-Niklaas. Please contact for registration before 01.03.08... There are rumours floating that it is going to be a major event, with strong international participation!


The Belarus artist Anna Tikhonova will have a one-person-show of close to 50 of her bookplates in the Stadtbücherei of Regensburg (Germany) in December 2007 – January 2008.  The opening will take place on 7th of December 2007 (Stadtbücherei, Heidplatz 8, Regensburg (Germany). CV of Anna Tikhonova



Most of you know the main vendors of ex-libris: Claus Wittal, Niels Witte, Marcela Groeneveld. They often post new lists on their web sites, and when I hear about them, I will mention them here. Marcela has just put up list No. 5 and you can latch onto it here.


Morhange, a small town some 50 kilometers due east of Nancy, in the heart of Lorraine, is a rising star in the print and ex-libris world as the 7th International print Salon of Morhange opened its doors last week. Jean-François Chassaing, who is on the board of the event, tends to priviledge bookplate artists... which is why this year Hayk Grigorian, Josef Werner and Katarina Zaric are amongst the seven exhibitors. The exhibition is not open permanently, but will be on September 21-23 and 28-30. If you are in the area, don't miss it!


Occasionally, a new web site relating to ex-libris appears. Go and visit, a site made in honour of the Spanish artist Ricardo Abad (1912-1992), active in Madrid. Abad was very prolific and made bookplates during fifty years. The webmaster of the site, Eugenio Rincón, has many of Abad's bookplates for sale.

A page from Abad's ex-libris works list...



The Swiss Ex-libris Club held its annual meeting in the last days of June in Zurich. Josef Burch had earlier indicated that he wished to retire from the Presidency of SELC, and Stefan Hausherr was elected in his place. The new president is a well-known librarian and works at the manuscripts and special collections department of the Library of Winterthur, close to Zurich. He has a substantial collection of bookplates and his interests span the history of early ex-libris right up to contemporary art. His English is quite good, and his French somewhat rougher... Stefan will certainly be very active in promoting ex-libris in Switzerland and will be able to count on the support of Hermann Anliker, SELC vice-President, Marianne Kalt, the association's secretary and Julia Vermes who handles the treasury.

You will find that the SELC data on the members' page has been updated.

I'm sure you will join me in extending our best wishes to Stefan for the future of SELC, and thanking Josef Burch for the excellent work he has done for so long. Josef can now deal more with his own collection... and he has become a web expert in order to work on the SELC site,


Ankara Ex-libris Society opened an ex-libris exhibition in Canada, Edmonton City at SNAP Gallery in March 1st - April 14rd, 2007.
Ankara Ex-libris Society opened an ex-libris exhibition in Finland, Helsinki, at STOA The Cultural Centre in April 10-22, 2007 with
collaboration Mr. Olli Ylonen who is the chairman of the Finnish Ex-libris Society.
Hasip Pektas will open solo ex-libris exhibition in Belarus, Minsk at
Belarussian State Academy of Arts in May 14-18, 2007


Ankara Ex-libris Society opened an ex-libris exhibition in Canada, Edmonton City at SNAP Gallery in March 1st - April 14rd, 2007.
Ankara Ex-libris Society opened an ex-libris exhibition in Finland, Helsinki, at STOA The Cultural Centre in April 10-22, 2007 with
collaboration Mr. Olli Ylonen who is the chairman of the Finnish Ex-libris Society.
Hasip Pektas will open solo ex-libris exhibition in Belarus, Minsk at
Belarussian State Academy of Arts in May 14-18, 2007


The Results of Hacettepe University and Ankara Ex-libris Society 2nd International Ex-libris Competition-Ankara 2007.

All Participants


There will be a great Ex-libris Jamboree Meeting at Malbork Castle from June 1st to June 3rd 2007, in conjunction with the exhibition of the 21st biennial of Malbork (see competitions).The participation form can be downloaded here.  More info, visit .


Dear friends, I apologise for having been so slow in dealing with the PILE of things left to do after Nyon. One of these was to revamp a bit our now official website, and I hope you like the new 'look'. There are kind offers to help with the German and French versions, but I will wait until the restructuring of the English version is complete before launching into the question of translations. Please let me know if there are broken links or things which don't work. Our friend Hasip Pektas has promised to help with adding images to the site and bringing the list of artists up to date... but he seems to be very busy also... So please be patient, and visit the site often to see the novelties!


New book: Small pictures - great images is a new book edited by Leila Lehtiranta about the ex-libris work of Pentti Kaskipuro. Click here to find out more


The Swedish Ex-libris Society has had a very important event! On June 19th, at the Royal Castle in Stockholm, the SEF presented two bookplates at an audience to HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. Printed in 5000 copies each, the two ex-libris were chosen by Her Royal Highness from some proposals submitted by the heraldic artist Vladimir A. Sagerlund. The first, in colour, was presented by Lars C. Stolt, as President of the SEF, and the second by vice-president Per-Axel Wiktorsson.

From left to right:




Sometimes the news which I can bring you is really like sunshine! And this is a case in point: our friend and collector Lewis Jaffe has created a 'bookplate blog' which not only is worth a visit, but worth putting in your 'favourite favourites' and visiting as often as possible! It is a reflection of its maker: imaginative, with wide interests, enjoying the 'hunt' for all that is the fun story around any bookplate. If your idea of collecting ex-libris is just adding little art pictures into a box, forget visiting . But if you enjoy teasing out information on who is behind the name, why it was made with this or that motif, why the artist accepted such a commission, what symbols the plate contains, whether the date written on it corresponds to when it was made or not - and if you are also sensitive to the aesthetics of bookplates, their endless variety and charm, then follow me and become a junkie, hooked on Lew Jaffe's blog. Congratulations Lew, and keep it up!!!



Terrible news! On May 19, a huge lime tree fell in Joke van der Brandt and Frank-Ivo van Damme's garden and smashed the veranda and part of the living room. Fortunately, neither was hurt, but they will need some six months to repair the damage, and have decided not to come to Nyon. We will sorely miss their charm and laughter... If you have ideas on how you can help them (even just with moral support!), don't hesitate to e-mail them at, or give them a ring (+32 3 6472289... or send them a letter at St. Lukaslaan 22, B-2180 Antwerpen (Eheren), Belgium. You will see their work in the FISAE 2004-2006 exhibition in Nyon. Our warmest and very best wishes to them to quickly overcome this terrible event.



And another new web site... the Swiss Ex-libris Club (SELC) has been concocting this surprise for quite some time! Sleek, elegant and functional. Good information, and it's still under construction and will get better with time. The priority (in my opinion...) will be to get English, French and Italian versions going rapidly. That is quite a challenge (and it's a person who struggles daily with this problem who's writing...). Go and look for yourself:


A new web site, for the purchase of graphics, including ex-libris, is now online! The site can be visited at . It has been created by a member of the SSPE, Mr. Luděk Klimeš member who can be reached by telephone at +420 775 252 977 and his e-mail is The site is still far from satisfactory, as there is no search system by which ex-libris can be selected apart from free graphics, so one has to browse the list. Also, people are still wondering about the value of bookplates: two superb Brunovsky lithographic ex-libris were on sale. One, with a starting price of 3000 Czech Kroner (€110) was sold after two small bids over two months for €118; the other has a starting price of 40,000 CZK (€1420) and I doubt that it will find a buyer at THAT price!!! Another criticism is that all prices are in local currency and have to be converted... But it is a start, and Mr. Klimeš must be congratulated...


WoW! At last a site dedicated to important Chinese ex-libris artists. I find it is a little bit slow loading, and it would be good to have short biographical information in a Western language... but it is already a big step! Go and look at !


WOW! Our SELC President and this year President of FISAE, Josef Burch, came back from the DEG meeting in Zwickau with a big smile on his face: The Swiss Ex-libris Club was awarded the coveted von Zur Westen Award! Attributed by the German Society every two years, it recompenses individuals and societies who have done exceptional work in promoting the bookplate. It is true that thanks to the contribution of Carlo Chiesa and several other Swiss exlibrists (not least Josef Burch and his present and past group of Committee members), our small club does have quite an aura... We'll have to pull our socks up and make sure that the Nyon Congress is a hit!


We are starting a series of short articles in the 'archive' section of this site on the history of ex-libris in certain countries where there is not a substantial bibliography in one of the official FISAE languages... Go and see Professor Zhang's article on Ex-libris art in China... The next will be one on bookplates in Argentina.


A  new database of ex-libris, with high quality images, is accessible on the Internet! It has generously been made available by the Pratt Institute of New York. So far, 125 items can be consulted, and the institute's whole collection (over 1200 items) with be online at a later date. Click here to find out more and access the site...


Yes... the German Ex-libris Association's website is back on line, with a good design and a huge amount of useful information - in German! Congratulations to all those who worked on it, and thank you for this useful reference tool...

Where can I find something which was posted and has been removed?
Competition results, in memoriam notices and all other material except what refers to ephemeral events such as meetings and exhibitions are posted to the 'Archive' section of this site. Consult it!