First Prize
, Turkey, 70x104


Second Prize
Tezcan BAHAR
, Turkey, 100 x 75


Third Prize
, Ecuador, 63 x 127


Fourth Prize
, Belgium, 70 x 70


Fifth Prize
Atanur SEVIM
, Turkey, 122 x 90


Honourable Mention
Erdal AYGENC, Turkey, 68 x 109


Honourable Mention
Hannes DESMET, Belgium, 126 x 79


Honourable Mention
Isik GÜLKAYNAK, Turkey, 110 x 126


Honourable Mention
Elke FEUSELS, Belgium, 43 x 95


Honourable Mention
Debora LAUWERS, Belgium, 91 x 52


Honourable Mention
Caglar OKUR, Turkey, 65 x 130


Honourable Mention
Milos SIBINOVIC, Serbia & Montenegro, 130 x 130


Honourable Mention
Livina STOCKMANS, Belgium, 100 x 100


Honourable Mention
Özden Pektas TURGUT, Turkey, 110 x 72


Honourable Mention
Kathleen WOUTERS, Belgium, 65 x 130

F.I.S.A.E. Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Amateurs d'Ex-libris

2nd International CGD (Computer Generated Design) Ex-libris Competition 2006

The rules of the competition may be consulted by clicking  here.

281 artists from 35 countries participated with a total of 952 ex-libris.

The Jury met in Sint Niklaas (Belgium) on the 21st ofJanuary 2006 and awarded five prizes and ten Honourable Mentions. Including these laureates’ works, an indicative selection of  ex-libris was made, to be included – if space allows – in exhibitions which will be held in Nyon, Barcelona, Ankara and Sint Niklaas in 2006/2007.

A further indicative selection was made of works to be included in the catalogue. However, according to the publications sponsorship found, the number of works in the catalogue might vary.

Artists and ex-libris received, by country:
(x / y  x= number of artists; y= total of participating ex-libris)
Argentina: 5 / 9
Armenia: 2 / 7
Belarus: 2 / 9
Belgium: 61 / 231
Brasil: 2 / 4
Chile: 1 / 2
Czech Republic: 5 / 27
Croatia: 2 / 7
Ecuador: 2 / 10
Finland: 1 / 5
France: 1 / 1
Germany: 1 / 1
Ghana: 1 / 5
Greece:1 / 2
Hungary: 2 / 8
Italy: 6 / 9
Jamaica: 1 / 3Japan: 1 / 1
Korea: 2 / 10
Latvia: 1 / 5
Lithuania: 2 / 4
Mexico: 1 / 1
New Zealand: 2 / 5
Nigeria: 1  / 3
Poland: 10 / 54
Puerto Rico: 1 / 5
Roumania: 3 / 16
Russia: 4 / 11
Serbia & Montenegro: 6 / 14
Slovakia: 2 / 3
Spain: 2 / 6
Turkey: 135 / 446
U.S.A.: 10 / 37

List of Prize Winners

 First Prize: Prize of the Ankara Ex-Libris Society, 1500 €

 Nurdan ADIGÜZEL, Turkey, °1962, ex-libris for NurdanADIGÜZEL, 104 x 84

 Second Prize: Prize of Jean-Pierre De Smet, 1000 €

 Tezcan BAHAR, Turkey, °1976, ex-libris for Tezcan BAHAR, 100 x 75

 Third Prize: Special Prize of the Town of Sint-Niklaas: 500 €

 Karen RUIZ LEON, Ecuador, °1984, ex-libris for Karen RUIZ LEON, 63 x 127

 Fourth Prize: Prize of the Finnish Ex-Libris Society, 500 €

 Gaetan BEGEREM, Belgium, °1979, ex-libris for Jan Peeters, 70 x 70

 Fifth Prize: Special Prize for the Best Erotic Ex-Libris, 500 €

 Atanur SEVIM, Turkey, °1962, ex-libris for Ecevit SEVIM, 122 x 90

 List of Honourable Mentions (in alphabetical order)

 Erdal AYGENC, Turkey, °1959, ex-libris for Sevgican PEKMEZCI, 68 x 109

Hannes DESMET, Belgium, °1981, ex-libris for Corneel VERDONG, 126 x 79

Elke FEUSELS, Belgium, °1979, ex-libris for Ann DE DAELE, 43 x 95

Isik GÜLKAYNAK, Turkey, °1984, ex-libris for Isik GÜLKAYNAK, 110 x 126

Debora LAUWERS, Belgium, °1982, ex-libris for Vera COP, 91 x 52

Caglar OKUR, Turkey, °1976, ex-libris for Caglar OKUR, 63 x 130

Özden PEKTAS TURGUT, Turkey, °1978, ex-libris for Utku TURGUT, 110 x 72

Milos SIBINOVIC, Serbia, °1984, ex-libris for Milos SIBINOVIC, 100 x 100

Livina STOCKMANS, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Jaan DONNY, 100 x 100

Kathleen WOUTERS, Belgium, °1984, ex-libris for Kathleen WOUTERS, 65 x 130

List of the supplementary selected for the Catalogue (in alphabetical order)

Berna Isbilir AYDIN, Turkey, °1979, ex-libris for Hasip PEKTAS, 57 x 75

Stephanie BOS, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Tom Galle, 112 x 52

Ihsan CANAKCI, Turkey, °1984, ex-libris for Salih DENLI, 80 x 80

Derya CIPLAK, Turkey, °1982, ex-libris for Derya CIPLAK, 60 x 90

Ilknur DEDEOGLU, Turkey, °1974, ex-libris for Öznur ATES, 70 x 95

Hanna GRZONKA, Poland, °1975, ex-libris for Hanna GRZONKA, 48 x 42

Serpil Güvendi KAPTAN, Turkey, °1972, ex-libris for Ata KAPTAN, 100 x 70

Ayben KAYNAR, Turkey, °1979, ex-libris Kim BRUSTEN, 94 x 107

Ellen PHILIPPART, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Ellen PHILIPPART, 82 x 78

Kimberley REYNAERT, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Sarah MAHIEU, 80 x 60

Erhun SENGÜL, Turkey, °1973, ex-libris for Mustafa ATA, 84 x 100

Frances Andrea WILKINSON, New Zealand, °1976, ex-libris for F.A. WILKINSON, 117 x 90

List of the supplementary selected for the Exhibition (in alphabetical order)

Ruben ACCOU, Belgium, °1981, ex-libris for Eva VERSCHAEREN, 130 x 130

Hyesang AHN, Korea, °1980, ex-libris for Hyesang AHN, 84 x 84

Didem Catal ALKAC, Turkey, °1969, ex-libris for Hasip PEKTAS, 80,5 x 100

Muharrem ALTUNKAYNAK, Turkey, °1961, ex-libris for Salih DENLI, 127 x 82

Ozan AYITKAN, Turkey, °1980, ex-libris for I. E. (Ipek EKMEKCIOGLU), 130 x 104

Lütfiye Audoglu BAHAR, Turkey, °1977, ex-libris for Ata and Serpil KAPTAN, 48 x 80

Gaetan BEGEREM, Belgium, °1979, ex-libris for Stefaan VERMUELE, 70 x 70

Nazli BENLIOGLU, Turkey, °1983, ex-libris for Nazli BENLIOGLU, 103 x 74

Stéphanie BESARD, Belgium, °1984, ex-libris for Cecile DE SLOOVER, 120 x 70

Tessa BOECKAERT, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Marie-Louise LOSSY, 70 x 70

Francheska BORIA, Puerto Rico, °1986, ex-libris for Francheska BORIA, 112 x 76

Helena BOSCO HÄUSSLER, Argentina, °1975, ex-libris for Helena BOSCO HÄUSSLER, 112 x 95

Jeroen BRULEZ, Belgium, °1984, ex-libris for Lieve Blanquaert, 90 x 90

Mehtap CAYLI, Turkey, °1983, ex-libris for Mehtap CAYLI, 65 x 130

Alfonsas CEPAUSKAS, Lithuania, °1929, ex-libris for Erikas TAMASAUSKAS, 112 x 72

Joke DEBEUCKELAERE, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Bernadette DUTRY, 105 x 50

Liesbeth DESMET, Belgium, °1982, ex-libris for Nelly WINDELS, 130 x 130

Vanessa DE VIJLDER, Belgium, °1982, ex-libris for Inge TOMS, 70 x 70

Audrey DE VUYST, Belgium, °1985, ex-libris for Jean BLAUTE, 76,8 x 76,8

Leen D’HONT, Belgium, °1984, ex-libris for Peter D’HONT, 54 x 45

Aysen DORUK, Turkey, °1977, ex-libris for Ayten Doruk, 120 x 100

Billur ERSÖZ, Turkey, °1982, ex-libris for Billur ERSÖZ, 60 x 120

Hanna GRZONKA, Poland, °1975, ex-libris for Hanna GRZONKA, 60 x 90

Sahin GÜNGÖRDÜ, Turkey, °1984, ex-libris for Sahin GÜNGÖRDÜ, 110 x 100

Dragan JUKIC, Germany, °1974, ex-libris for Vesna PLEMIC, 100 x 100

Burcu Öztürk KARABEY, Turkey, 1975, ex-libris for Erin ÖZYÜREK, 63 x 70

Yusuf KES, Turkey, °1970, ex-libris for Gernot BLUM, 58 x 96

Ann KESTENS, Belgium, °1976, ex-libris for Ann KESTENS, 97 x 97

Katarzyna KROCZEK, Poland, °1979, ex-libris for Katarzyna KROCZEK, 48 x 120

Derya OGUZ, Turkey, °1982, ex-libris for Deryan OGUZ, 126 x 95

Necip Erol OLCAY, Turkey, °1954, ex-libris for Selin Engin BARUTCUOGLU, 118 x 68

Ahmet Özgür ÖZCELIK, Turkey, °1982, ex-libris for Özgür ÖZCELIK, 84 x 116

Esra ÖZEL, Turkey, °1983, ex-libris for Esra ÖZEL, 96 x 68

Eugen PAUL, Roumania, °1936, ex-libris for Ioachim NICA, 117 x 130

Serdar PEHLIVAN, Turkey, °1971, ex-libris for Sureyya PEHLIVAN, 92 x 92

Ovidiu PETCA, Roumania, °1958, ex-libris for Stefan MANASIA, 90 x 130

Isabel POELS, Belgium, °1981, ex-libris for Eduard MARIËN-BOUWENS, 70 x 70

Adolf PRIANTE VIDAL, Spain, °1965, ex-libris for Ariadna PRIANTE FRANCES, 120 x 84

Blair ROMAN, U.S.A., °1984, ex-libris for Blair ROMAN, 122 x 75

Tom ROTSAERT, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Marleen DENEVE, 120 x 65

Julie RUYSSCHAERT, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for LYNN, 87,5 x 110

Oguz SAGDIC, Turkey, °1962, ex-libris for Oguz SAGDIC, 98 x 84

Viktoria SAVENKOVA, Belarus, °1979, ex-libris for TOTO (Viktoria SAVENKOVA), 121 x 90

Gökçe Keçeci SEKEROGLU, Turkey, 1978, ex-libris for Burak SEKEROGLU, 80 x 73

Gülsah SENKALFA, Turkey, °1983, ex-libris for Gülsah DENKALFA, 130 x 72

S. Baris SIMSEK, Turkey, 1981, ex-libris for Baris SIMSEK, 45 x 67

Selin SOBACI, Turkey, °1971, ex-libris for Bilge BOSTAN, 85 x 55

Nazan SÖNMEZ, Turkey, °1949, ex-libris for Candan TERWIEL, 110 x 60

Petra STEFANKOVA, Slovakia, °1978, ex-libris for Aurelia STEFANKOVA, 100 x 67

Petra SUCIC ROJE, Croatia, °1972, ex-libris for Marin ROJE, 130 x 130

Havasi TAMAS, Hungary, °1972, ex-libris for KAROLY SOMOGYI LIBRARY of SZEGED, 70 x 82

Karel TICHY, Czech Republic, °1944, ex-libris for Zdenek REHAK, 105 x 80

Ercan TUNA, Germany, °1975, ex-libris for Ercan TUNA, 130 x 90

Barbara VANDENBERGHE, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Annemie DEWAELE, 85 x 75

Stephanie VAN PELLICOM, Belgium, °1984, ex-libris for Marie LANGBEEN, 130 x 60

Anne VAN ROEY, Belgium, °1983, ex-libris for Paul DAMS, 74 x 100

Julie VERCAUTEREN, Belgium, °1985, ex-libris for Jan DE GEYTER, 130 x 130

Mikhail VERKHOLANTSEV, Russia, °1937, ex-libris for Benoît JUNOD, 84 x 60

Obed VLEUGELS, Belgium, °1984, ex-libris for Arend BOERSEMA, 96 x 36

Katinka WUYTACK, Belgium, °1982, ex-libris for KATINKA (Katinka WUYTACK), 86 x 83

Seval Dulgeroglu YAVUZ, Turkey, °1972, ex-libris for Seval Dulgeroglu YAVUZ, 85 x 100

Meltem YENER, Turkey, °1984, ex-libris for Feyza ILKYAZ, 109 x 43

Mahic YERLIKAYA, Turkey, °1977, ex-libris for Güngör CINAR, 60 x 100


Report of the President of the Jury on the 2nd F.I.S.A.E. Competition for CGD Ex-Libris 2006

The jury met on January 21, 2006 in the International Ex-Libris Centre in Sint-Niklaas to evaluate the submissions for the 2nd F.I.S.A.E. competition for computer ex-libris.

The jury was composed of the following people:
President: Tony Oost, Head of the International Ex-Libris Centre in Sint-Niklaas.
Martin Baeyens, graphic artist and Professor at the Academy of Ghent.
Benoît Junod, President of the organising committee of the XXXIst F.I.S.A.E. Congress.
Dr. Claudia Karolyi, curator of the ex-libris collection of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.
Hasip Pektas, graphic artist and Dean of the Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University, Ankara.
Olli Ylönen, President of the Finnish Ex-Libris Society
Catherine de Beukeleer and Francesc Orenes were unable to attend the meeting.

In total, 281 artists from 35 countries participated, resulting in 952 submissions. Compared to the first F.I.S.A.E. competition for CGD ex-libris in 2004, there were slightly fewer participants. For the next competition, the jury recommends putting additional resources into promoting the event, which markedly appeals to a great deal of youngsters. Most participants were from Turkey (135 artists with 446 ex-libris), followed by Belgium (61 artists with 231 ex-libris). There was a notable number of entries from the US (10 artists with 37 ex-libris). The high participation from these three countries is no doubt the result of efforts made by Martin Baeyens and Hasip Pektas to stimulate their students to take part, with marvellous results! Getting youngsters interested in small graphic gems like ex-libris has an enriching effect for the artist and can also mean an important step for the future of bookplates. Designing an ex-libris for a competition offers a meaningful incentive to students who are engaged in their graphic training.

All the members of the jury agreed that the quality amply met their expectations and was even slightly better than in the first competition, but that there were no real star turns among the submissions. The massive participation of youngsters was a cause of delight.

We were again confronted with the fact that unfortunately, like in other ex-libris competitions, the rules had not always been carefully read. As a result, pleasing ex-libris sometimes had to be excluded from the competition. The most common mistakes were that the size was too large, the expression ‘ex libris’ was missing or had been badly adapted, the ex-libris had been designed for a deceased person, the wrong graphic technique had been used or the name of the bookplate owner was missing. The jury considered that such cases could be minimised by clarifying certain aspects of the competition rules and by providing the regulations in a number of additional languages, beyond the current English, German and French ones.
A number of criteria were used for judging the competition. First of all, the ex-libris had to be a real ex-libris, to be used in the books of a living person or of an institution. The second criterion was that he ex-libris had to possess high aesthetic qualities, taking into account the harmonious integration of text and image. The creativity with which graphic techniques were applied, mainly through the use of a computer, was another important criterion. Finally, particular attention was paid to the narrative of the ex-libris, whether it said something about the owner, his interests and the books in his possession in a poignant and original way.

With these strict criteria in mind, it required careful consideration from the jury to select which of the selected bookplates would be eligible for the various prizes, the honourable mentions, the catalogue and the travelling exhibition. It often took lengthy debate for the jury to be able to agree on a prize-winning item.

The jury was particularly pleased as to the originality of the artists' creations. Creativity expressed itself in ingenious shapes, in techniques applied resourcefully and surprisingly expressed topics The jury particularly appreciated the submission by Anna Maria Lopez from Spain, who designed a disc-shaped ex-libris for a bookstore, complemented with a printed, double black ribbon. This exceptionally creative item, which refers more to a bookmarker than to a bookplate, shows yet again the potential for the creative development of ex-libris in the future.
After quite lengthy discussions, the jury decided to award the following prizes and honourable mentions:
The first prize (Prize of the Ankara Ex-Libris Society, 1500 € ), went to Nurdan Adigüzel (Turkey, *1962) for the ex-libris ‘The Violin’ designed for herself. The jury appreciated the creative use of photography, applied in a very subtle way using computer technology to suggest movement. Connecting both photos to form a harmonious whole happens not only through the fluent movement of both bows, which appear to blend together, but also through the balanced position of the frugal, but well-integrated text. An intimate image that poignantly formulates the owner’s love of violin music and her involvement in playing the instrument!

The second prize (Prize of Jean-Pierre De Smet, 1000 € ), was awarded by the jury to Tezcan Bahar (Turkey, *1976). This generous award, given by his brother, commemorates the Belgian artist Jean-Pierre De Smet, who was a graphic arts teacher and had a great affection for ex-libris, but who unfortunately died very young. The jury appreciated not only the strong composition but also the expressive use of colours in this eye-catching ex-libris which immediately is widely appealing. Here, the words were pleasantly integrated into the composition. The title, “Ego”, reinforces the image and leads to a striking ex-libris that was designed as an ipsis libris and tells us something about the artist.

Students do not like rules, and are rarely willing to respect guidelines, preferring to follow their own ideas. The jury decided to show its real appreciation for an ex-libris designed by a ‘rebellious’ student, awarding the artist the Special Prize of the Town of Sint-Niklaas (500 € ). Karen Ruiz Leon (* 1984) is from Ecuador, but studied at the New Paltz State University of New York at the time of submission. She did not follow the assignment given to her and her 11 fellow students by her professor, but designed an ex-libris for herself in which she brilliantly expresses her impression of North-American society by using a colourful mass product: sneakers! The text is also combined with the image in a playful, colourful and harmonious way. This goes to show that creativity, individuality and spontaneity pay off!

For the fourth prize (Prize of the Finnish Ex-Libris Society, 500 € ), the jury opted for the bookplate made by Gaetan Begerem (Belgium, °1979) for Jan Peeters, a friend who is an archaeologist. It was created solely using a computer. With its predominant lines, the ex-libris shows a typical aspect of the archaeology activity in a colourful and informative way: the 'dig'. Ancient walls, soil marks, depth indications, layers, stages… all can be seen at a glance.

For the fifth prize (Special Prize for the Best Erotic Ex-Libris 500 €, offered by the FINALE foundation in Lausanne), the members of the jury quickly agreed to award this prize to an ex-libris that pays particular homage to the male. Usually, (male!) ex-libris collectors focus on female eroticism... So this time the prize went to Atanur Sevim (Turkey, *1982) for his “Erotic Dream”, designed for Ecevit Sevim. In a playful and amusing way, a male member extends towards a fresh-looking, green apple with an internal, fiery passion… The use of colours and the composition help to soften the explicit nature of the piece, by turning it into a frivolous and light-hearted whole.

Despite the lower number of participants, the jury considered that F.I.S.A.E. was right to have organising again such a high-profile international competition for computer ex-libris. The strong interest from youngsters should strengthen F.I.S.A.E.’s resolve to continue this promising event. Modern technological tools offer creative artists new, and each day more refined possibilities for designing art illustrations, particularly in small formats, such as ex-libris.

The jury will recommend to F.I.S.A.E., at its 31st Congress in Nyon, to further increase the promotion of this competition. Member societies should undertake steps to stimulate graphic arts teachers and students to design ex-libris – both computer-generated and by traditional techniques. A balanced jury whose members represent various aspects of bookplates, the artists, the collectors, the experts, patrons and keepers, should be a guarantee that the right ex-libris will be rewarded.

Tony Oost
President of the Jury



copyright (C) bjunod 2006, All rights reserved