2009 Taiwan 15th International Exlibris Exhibition, in Taipei Arts Festival


The host unit of the competition and exhibition is the Education Bureau, Taipei County


It is being co-organised by the Mi-Tasng Elementary School, Taipei County, Taiwan, with the Taiwan Exlibris Association


The closing date for sending works for the competition is  March 31, 2009


Works must be addressed to the following:


Mr. Wu Wang-Ju,

No.1, Ld. 129,Sec.2,Rd.long-mi,

ba-li township,

Taipei County,



Rules of the competition:


I. The competitor will send not more than 3 works; two prints of each work is required.


II. The topic of the competition is "marine life."


III. The ex-libris will not exceed 810cm.


IV. The words  "EX LIBRIS" (which means 'from the books of...) followed by the name of the person or institution for which it was made must be included in the works.


V. There is no restriction as to the techniques or materials used, but they must be original graphics.


VI. The works must not be mounted, and the application form should be lightly glued on the back of the prints.


VII. The works should be signed and numbered by the artist according to national rules. Also, the technical symbol and year of creation must be indicated.


VIII. Works which receive awards will be published in a catalogue and compact disk. Sending of works for the competition implies acceptance of the rules.


IX. Participants whose work is published in the catalogue will receive a prize and a copy of the catalogue from the organizers.


X. All additional information can be obtainbed from april20038@yahoo.com.tw or by telephone: 886-2-26182202, Mobile:886-932096357


XI. The application form is as follows:


2009 Taiwan 15th International Exlibris Exhibition Application Form

First name:


Last name: