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Laureates (state May 2014)

Afanasev, M. D. (Russia) – 2010: for the bookplate catalogue of Russian State Historical Library]

Anderson Rights, Edith (USA) – 2007: for monographs on A. N. Macdonald and David Stoughton

Arellanes, Audrey (USA) – 2003: for her definitive bibliography of American periodical bookplate literature

Bakumenko, V. M. (Russia) – 2010: for numerous monographs and articles on bookplates

Berdichevsky, Iakov (Ukraine) – 2007: for monographs on numerous distinguished bookplate artists

Blatchly, John (England) - 2007: for monographs on Suffolk and Norfolk bookplates, Edward Gordon Craig, George Wolfe Plank, and others

Blum, Dr. Gernot (Germany) – 2010: for several books and monographs on bookplates

Borodaev, S. I., (Russia) – 2010: for monographs on bookplates

Bragaglia, Evaristo (Italy) – 2003: for his monumental catalogue of Italian bookplates

Butler, William E. (England) – 2003: for his standard work American Bookplates and other monographs

Cornihout, I. de (France) - Book on Grolier ex-libris

Denisova, O. V. (Russia) - Book on imperial Russian bookplates

Getmanskii, Eduard D. – 2011: numerous bookplate publications, including 9-volume collected works and history of bookplates

Grebeniuk, Tatiana, V
. – 2011; catalog of Russian State Library bookplates

Gromov, A. (Russia) – 2010: for publications on Pushkin bookplates

Igeltorp L-J (Norway)  - Norsk Ex Libris Selskap 1943-1961

Junod, Benoît (Switzerland) – 2010: for monographs and catalogues on bookplates

Khudoley, Veniamin V. (Russia) – 2004: for his exhaustive catalogue of Russian royal bookplates

Korshikov, A.. (Russia) - 2010: for publications on Pushkin bookplates

Korshunova, E. V. (Russia) - Book on 1812 bookplates

Kozhukova, V. V. (Russia) – 2010 [bookplate catalogue of Russian State Historical Library

Lasunsky, Oleg (Russia) – 2006, for numerous monographs and articles on bookplates

Latcham Paul (England) – 2011: monographs on bookplates

Lee, Brian North (England) – 2003: his his standard words British Bookplates, British Royal Bookplates, and other monographs

Meyer-Noirel, Germaine (France) – 2003: for her catalogue of French bookplates

Mikhailov, A. (Russia) – 2010: for several definitive catalogs of bookplates in Russian theological libraries

Mironova, S. V. (Russia)  - Books on imperial Russian bookplates and on 1812 bookplates

Nesterenko, Petro (Russia) – 2011: history of Ukrainian exlibris

O’Dell, Ilse (Germany) – 2004: for her catalogue of sixteenth-century German and Austrian bookplates

Oldfield, P (Canada)  - British armorial bookstamps

Pan, Ching-Lin (Taiwan) - 2010: for her monographs and articles on ex-libris

Pankratova, G. Z. (Russia) – 2011: book on imperial bookplates

Pektas, Hasip (Turkey) – 2010: for the first Turkish monograph on bookplates

Perkin, V. D. (Russia) – 2010: for numerous exhaustive opus lists of bookplate artists

Piilmann, Svetlan (Estonia) – 2010: for numerous monographs on exlibris

Pincott, Anthony K. (England) – 2010: for numerous publications on bookplates, including data base of English bookplates

Pirogova, E. P. (Russia) – 2011; for catalogue of Urals bookplates

Roberts, Don (U.S.A.) – 2004: for his monograph on the bookplate designs of Rockwell Kent

Rödel, Klaus (Denmark) – 2010: for numerous monographs and bibliographies on bookplates

Shavyrina A. L. (Russia) - Book on 1812 bookplates

Scheffer, Heinrich (Austria) -2008: for his numerous publications on Austrian bookplate artists

Stock, Karl F. (Austria) -2004: for his retrospective bibliography of Austrian bookplate literature

Tattersfield, Nigel (England) – 2004: for his catalogue of the bookplates of Thomas Bewick and biography of John Bewick

Tauber, Henry (Germany) – 2010: for his two-volume history of the Deutsche Exlibris Gesellschaft

Vencl, Slavomil (Czech Republic) – 2010: for numerous publications on Bohemian bookplates

Vyars, A . A. (Russia) – 2010 bookplate catalogue of Russian State Historical Library

Udo Ivask Certificate

Above, the Udo Ivask medal, designed by Andrei S. Zabulaev and struck by the St. Petersburg mint (Photo A. Gromov)

Awarded for bookplate scholarship as an auxiliary historical science. Scholarship means an outstanding substantial contribution in the form of major reference works, major data bases, or monographs which make an important and original contribution to bookplate learning. Exhibition catalogues in and of themselves would not be ordinarily considered unless they are truly exceptional.


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